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Tony-V's Avatar Tony-V 07:31 AM 08-22-2001
Dear all

I was wondering. Does a Sharp 9000+Grayhawk combo make any sense ?
The new Sharp is rated:
800 ANSI Lumen; (600 Theater Mode)
If I wanted to use Theatermode (quieter!), wouldn't the 600 ANSI be to dim for the Grayhawk ?
Based on the specs of the Sharp, what 16:9 screen would you go for (in a lightcontroled room)?



J.Douglas's Avatar J.Douglas 05:03 PM 08-22-2001
I'm wondering the same thing. If it is a good match would it still be acceptable with a minimum amount of daylight creeping through drawn shades and curtains? If not is there an alternative recommendation?
Jason Turk's Avatar Jason Turk 06:06 PM 08-22-2001
As no one has really seen the Sharp unit yet, it's hard to say. I can tell you that the screen size you decide to go with is going to make a difference. I have seen the Seleco HT200DM, a 650 lumen unit, on a Grayhawk and it looked great. It was also not that large a screen and the room was pitch black, though.


Jason Turk
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Tony-V's Avatar Tony-V 02:31 AM 08-24-2001
Dear Jason

Are the 650 ANSI for the full 800x600 panel or is this number valid for the 480P mode ?
If I wanted to use a 2.3m (picture)wide screen, would the
lightoutput be enough on a Grayhawk or should I go for a smaller width (2m)?
Obviously if you saw the Seleco HT200Dm with a Panamorph then my question above would be answered.


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