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chris larralde's Avatar chris larralde 08:07 AM 09-05-2001
I'm going to experiment with some paint but wanted to get opinions from those that have already gone through this proccess.

I currently have my 52X92 screen painted with Behr's Ultra White but was wondering about using a VERY slight grey. Behr has two that look good -- Snowfield and Universal Grey.

My main reason for this is to cut down on eye fatigue. I'm not really bothered by rainbows but I noticed that my eyes become very tired after a movie. I'm thinking that the Ultra White may be a little too bright (although I don't want to get too dark as the lack of color punch has been well documented on this forum.)

Thanks for any feedback.

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CKL's Avatar CKL 09:28 AM 09-05-2001
I've tried LT150 with the pale grey painted wall. The performance was quite good at night-time where the room was completely dark. Pale grey was made by mixing white and few grey. The pale grey was so light that it looked like white.

chris larralde's Avatar chris larralde 12:47 PM 09-05-2001
Thanks CKL,

I'll give the Snowfield a shot. It looks fairly "white" unless placed against a true white swatch.

I know people are touting the results of high gain screens with the LT150, but there is something more relaxing about a greyish screen. I had a piece of drywall leaning against the wall and it was quite noticeable how more relaxed my eyes were. I'm sure that once I calibrate the projector for the darker color, it should be fine. I haven't been obsessing over colors and black levels, but I didn't notice anything detrimental to the picture when the drywall was leaning agaist the screen.

chris larralde's Avatar chris larralde 10:30 PM 09-09-2001
Last night I painted half of my screen with Behr's "Snowfield" (the other half was Behr's Ultra Pure White). While I was watching Austin Powers my wife came in, so I asked her which image she liked better. With the movie playing, you can't tell which color the screen is painted. She immediately said that she prefered the side that was painted with the grey "Snowfield". I have to agree ... the blacks were MUCH better and the colors appeared richer and more saturated. The whites were'nt as bright (obviously), but after I painted the entire screen grey, it was a non-issue. I wouldn't say that the whiter whites were better -- they were just different, and the better blacks / richer colors was well worth the switch.

Just thought I'd share this since everyone seems to be touting high gain screens with the LT150. For me ... I like the grey screen. I must also mention that I have total light control in my room and that my screen is 92 inches wide. The Snowfield is also the lightest of the greys available from Behr at Home Depot. In a light room you might mistaken it for a shade of white.

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