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CVanMeter's Avatar CVanMeter 12:54 AM 09-14-2001
I have recently purchased a motorized 84" screen from ProScreen Inc. and have been told that their "12 Volt Auto Relay" that was to control the screen dropping and raising when the projection unit was turned on and off is back ordered and they have no idea if and when they will come in. So now I am looking for another source for a device that will fit the bill. The screen wiring is a simple 4 wire "ground, neutral and two hot leads. This is the first screen I have tried to install and hook up so I don't know if this is standard with other motorized screens or not. They "ProScreen" told me that this "12 volt auto relay" would control the screen even though the projection unit has no type of output to control a screen. They claimed it would just wire inline with the projectors power cord and detect the current draw of the projector.... Anyway, I am hopeing that there is some other product "relay" out there, perhaps by another screen manufacturer, that will perform this same function and where I can obtain it.
Thanks for any help that can be provided

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luvmytivo's Avatar luvmytivo 02:15 AM 09-14-2001
. . . The important question is if your screen motor automatically cuts off at full up and full down (ie, can you leave the switch in the up or down position without burning out the motor). If you can, you can buy a simple 12 volt SPDT relay and a 12 volt power supply from the rat shack...
. . . Hook it up so the 'up' wire is connected to the 'normally closed' post of the relay (nc) and the down wire is on the 'normally open' post (no). The common post from the relay gets wired to 110 power, and the common wire from the screen gets wired directly to wall power, along with the ground wire (a $4 extension cord with the female end cut off is the easiest way to do that).
. . . With this setup, when the relay gets 12v power the NO post will be connected to the common post, putting your screen down, and when you remove power from the relay, the NC post is connected to the common and the screen retracts.
. . . Now, hook the 12v up to an x10 controller and you can remotely raise and lower your screen for about $50.

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aviman33's Avatar aviman33 05:17 AM 09-14-2001
What's a X10 controller?

CVanMeter's Avatar CVanMeter 10:06 PM 09-14-2001
My quest is to have the screen drop automaticaly when the DLP Projector is turned on, and retract when it is turned off. Yes, the screen has adjustable up and down stop points, so the motor cuts when they reach those points. I had thought of going the X-10 route but that envolves yet an additional remote or the expence of a more elaborate Universal Remote with perhaps Macro Functions. Granted I was going to pay around $160 for that "12 Volt Relay" which ProScreen offers. Simplicity for the homeowner is my priority here. I am thinking that I may need to simply run a Relay, much as you discribed, from the switched AC output of the A/V Receiver but I fear there may be times they would just want to listen to music in the Family Room/Home Theater and not want the screen to drop when they do so.

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luvmytivo's Avatar luvmytivo 01:26 PM 09-15-2001
aviman33 -
An X10 controller is (in this case) a remotely activated switched outlet. and are good resources.

CVanMeter -
Some pjs have a 12v output for just such a use, however if yours doesn't, you can still do what you're looking for. Get a load sensing switched outlet from Sears (look for threads about fans in hush boxes for more details). This thing will power it's outlets when it senses a load, such as your pj being turned on, you could plug the 12v ps into that and run your relay with your projector's power. Theoretically you could use a 110v relay, but low voltage wiring is easier, safer, and even with the 12v transformer it's cheaper.

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