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cai's Avatar cai 04:32 PM 09-14-2001
I would like to install a motorized 100" diagonal 4:3 screen. Someone quoted me $1245 for a VuTec - gain 1.3. Does this price make sense? I keep hearing that motorized screens cost about $3000.

I do not have unlimited funds, of the three brand names that I have mentioned which would provide the best quality to price ratio.

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Bob Sorel's Avatar Bob Sorel 05:17 PM 09-14-2001
I had a Vutec 1.5 gain brite white screen that I was extremely happy with. Since then, I bought what I thought was a Draper M1300, but it turned out to be a M2500. For my purposes, the M2500 performed quite poorly, with hotspotting and color shifting. The Vutec frame was much more solid, and the screen attached with velcro (rather than snaps), allowing it to be tensioned and retensioned until perfect. Between the Vutec Vu-Easy and the Draper M2500 with Cineperm frame, it was no contest....the Vutec was much better.

I have gotten mixed opinions on the Draper M1300 vs. Vutec brite white 1.5 comparison....some say the M1300 is better, and others say the Vutec 1.5 is better, but since I have never owned a M1300, I can't even give you an opinion.

From what everyone tells me, the Stewart is the hands down best, but it also has a high price tag to go with it. If you want the best, I suppose the Stewart is the answer. But which one is the best value, especially with motorized screens, I really don't know. With my very limited experience, I would buy the Vutec for $1245 just because I was so happy with the one I owned. For now I just built a DIY screen for about $75 until I can make a decision for myself.

monica44's Avatar monica44 09:45 AM 09-16-2001
I purchased a Dalite Cosmopolitan 100" 4x3 electric screen in 1991. It has performed flawlessly since (I did change the screen material in 1998 because the wife keeps winding it back up with an insect on it...bug blood does not come off matte white).
I paid $800 for it and $200 for the new screen material.
I had a Sony 12xx and just upgraded to a NEC135LC. Colors are vibrant and focus is sharp to my untrained eye.
good luck,
J.Douglas's Avatar J.Douglas 12:17 PM 09-16-2001
CAI, Sounds like a 50% off sale to me.
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