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Jon_B's Avatar Jon_B 01:39 PM 09-22-2001
I'm trying to figure what size screen I am going to build. I understand the whole throw ratio thing. I understand how to caculate the diagonal size. And I know that I want to go with an 1 85 aspect ratio.

Here's the question. If I go with a 114" diagonal screen, the aspect ratio is no longer 1 85. It's more like 1 87. Is an even numbered diagonal measurement more important than getting close as possible to the 1 85 number? Would I run into troubles if I made a 113.6" diagonal screen, which by the way would be closer to 1.85?

Thanks for any help.


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Bob Sorel's Avatar Bob Sorel 03:02 PM 09-22-2001
If you construct a screen that is 100" x 54", then the aspect ratio is 1.85185185185.... to 1, and most "normal" people would accept that as being close enough to a 1.85:1 ratio. The actual diagonal measurement of such a screen is 113.6485812", but again, most of us would just call it 114" diagonal just because 113.6485812 is just too darned hard to pronounce and remember. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Jon_B's Avatar Jon_B 04:18 PM 09-22-2001
Thank you. I kind of suspected that's what people were doing.

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