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Mooneyass's Avatar Mooneyass 12:37 PM 10-22-2001
Hi all

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm assembling a database of info on acoustically trasparent screeen material from Draper, Vutec, Da-Lite and Stewart. So far I have gotten data (optic and acoustic) from Draper and Da-Lite and a material sample from Draper with Da-Lite's sample being in the mail. I'll have high res (1200dpi) scans of the material asap and hopefully some decent screenshots as soon as I get my digital camera. There are some low res (300 dpi) scans there now.

Hope it can help some of us!

PS: It's located at my web page, follow the link below....


Video's Avatar Video 05:01 PM 10-22-2001

I have eveluated all the screen materials you mentioned, except the Vutec Material. I did not know they made an acoustically transparent material.

I currently use my Sony 1271 (750 hrs) with the Da-lite material with pretty good results. I only wish it had some gain. It was VERY inexpensive when compared to the Stewart Screen I ultimately would like to have but have a hard time spending over $2k for the screen. $200 vs $2000+

Does the Vutec have multiple gains available?? If so, where can I check them out?
KFung's Avatar KFung 09:36 PM 10-22-2001

No luck contacting Stewart? Their 1-800 number is 1-800-762-4999 (check their website). There is also a dedicated forum frequented by people from Stewart at

Is there any way to put more points on the frequency scale for the DaLite acoustical transmission graph? Something around 20kHz maybe? The scale also appears to need some fixing as it goes out to 100kHz and the data goes to 20kHz...

Great page though, I love that the DaLite graph has positive gain for certain frequencies! Got to love instrumental variation. :/


Kam Fung
Scott B's Avatar Scott B 06:28 AM 10-23-2001
I recently requested technical information on the Da-Lite acoustically transparent screen and was told that sound is attenuated by approximately 5 db at 20 kHz.

I understand that Vutec has only one acoustically transparent screen available. It has a gain of 0.85.
Mooneyass's Avatar Mooneyass 12:55 PM 10-23-2001

Sorry, I placed every data point they gave me. Sorry about the scale, I'm using M$ Excel with a log scale and it won't let me change the scale endpoints.....That last data point is from 20KHz.


-4.5 db from the graph


I am currently awaiting a package from Vutec. I couldn't find it anywhere, hence tha page creation ;) Where did you get your Da-Lite screen?

Thanks a bunch for the input guys,

KFung's Avatar KFung 10:24 PM 10-24-2001
Damn you MS... damn you. Excel never lets me have the control I want/need. Maybe I need to buy a book or something. :)


Kam Fung
Video's Avatar Video 10:30 AM 10-25-2001
I think I bought it from Cousins Video a couple of years ago for about $200.
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