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David Giles's Avatar David Giles 08:16 AM 04-14-2008
Well I don't want to spill too many beans right now, but we are working on a CIH version of the Masquerade. It will have side masks that drop down from the top to mask the 2.35:1 viewing surface for 16:9 content, and the price should be very much in the ballpark of our current 16:9 Masquerade systems. Of course if the customer would rather have the system built with a native aspect ratio of 2.37:1 or 2.40:1 that won't be a problem. And if the customer would rather have the sides masks built to perfectly mask 1.85:1 content rather than 16:9 content that won't be a problem either (that would be my personal choice as I watch far more 1.85:1 movies than I do 16:9 HDTV, but the choice will be up to the customer).

This system will be based on the same architecture as the current Masquerade, so the same space requirements will apply. As far as how long you'll have to keep your eyes peeled, I can't say exactly when it will be available (I hate vaporware as much as the next person) but we plan to have it ready before the end of summer, and hopefully sooner than that.

Later we may work on a CIH system with masks that slide in and out from the sides (with independent motors on each side) for fully variable masking of ALL aspect ratios between 2.40:1 and 1.33:1, but that system will take significantly longer to design and will no doubt cost a good bit more than the system described above.

Those are all the beans I have to spill right now

David Giles

Axel's Avatar Axel 11:52 AM 04-14-2008
Thanks for the update. Summer is not too far away.... - that's good news.
However, I was hoping for a masking system, where the masking would horizontally slide in from the sides and hence allowing for various AR, e.g. 2.35, 16:9, 4:3, or anything in between. The ways it sounds from your post this will not be possible. Hopefully I have misunderstood your post.

David Giles's Avatar David Giles 12:44 PM 04-14-2008
Hey Axel,

No you understood my post correctly. The system that we plan to introduce first will NOT have masks that slide horizontally, and therefore it will NOT be capable of "infinitely-variable-width" masking. The side masks will be a pre-set width and will drop down from inside the top structure. So the system will have two settings; one where the masks are fully retracted up inside the top structure to reveal the full viewing surface (which will be 2.35:1, 2.37: 2.40:1 etc.); and one where the masks are fully deployed (all the way down) to mask the screen to ONE specific aspect ratio (like 1.85:1 OR 16:9). We will also be able to offer a native 16:9 Masquerade with drop-down side masks that will mask the 16:9 viewing surface down to 4:3 (although I wouldn't expect that format to be very popular these days).

As I mentioned earlier we DO hope to offer an "infinitely-variable-width" system with horizonally sliding masks in the future, but again that will require a ground-up design which will take a lot longer (and the price will be quite a bit steeper). And although the kind of constant-height system that we will be offering at first (with drop-down side masks) obviously isn't as flexible as an infinitely-variable system, it will be a very nice system at a very attractive price point (for people familiar with masking system pricing). And for home theater enthusiasts who primarily watch modern movies on their projection system, a native 2.35:1 system that masks down to 1.85:1, will mask the vast majority of what they watch. 16:9 content will still have small black bars in this kind of setup.

Alternatively, someone who watches lots of blockbuster movies AND lots of HDTV sports would probably want a native 2.35:1 system that masks down to 16:9. In this configuration when watching 1.85:1 movies, the masks would slightly overlap the edges of the image (but the Black Hole trim would absorb most of that light making the overlap invisible in most scenes).

David Giles
R Harkness's Avatar R Harkness 04:41 PM 04-14-2008
Cool stuff David. Glad to see you guys jumping into the CIH market.

Originally Posted by David Giles View Post

As I mentioned earlier we DO hope to offer an "infinitely-variable-width" system with horizontally sliding masks in the future, but again that will require a ground-up design which will take a lot longer (and the price will be quite a bit steeper).

I can see how you could build your existing Masquerade design to get the design you are mentioning for the summer, and how an "infinitely variable" side masking system would mean a full re-design.

However, I'm wondering: Is there anything about designing a horizontal masking system (CIH) vs a vertical masking system (current Masquerade) that would make the horizontal version more difficult to build/more expensive?
David Giles's Avatar David Giles 07:01 PM 04-14-2008
Hey Rich,

A CIH masking system with masks that slide in from the sides generally uses two motors and the controls get more complex. And gravity doesn't help the masks deploy, retract, or hang straight (as it does with a top-down/bottom-up system). So various cables, springs and tracks are required to ensure that each mask moves properly and stays in the correct plane, which makes construction more complex.

David Giles
RufEdge's Avatar RufEdge 11:54 PM 04-14-2008
Interesting beans you are sharing David.
When starting with a fresh wall which screen frame will work best for these future products?
R Harkness's Avatar R Harkness 07:49 AM 04-15-2008
Gotcha. Thanks David.
David Giles's Avatar David Giles 12:47 PM 04-15-2008
Hi RufEdge,

Both the current 16:9 Masquerade as well as the upcoming Masquerade-CIH will work equally well with either the Precision Series or the Criterion Series frame (as well as many competitors' fixed frame screens such as Stewart's Luxus Screenwall and Luxus Deluxe Screenwall; Da-Lite's Perm-Wall, DaSnap, Imager, and Cinema Contour; Draper's CinePerm and Clarion; and Vutec's Vu-Easy, Vision XWF, Silverstar and Silverstar XWF).

David Giles
M@verick's Avatar M@verick 09:37 AM 04-18-2008
This masking system seems to be just what I'm looking for! Great balance of attractive features and a great price. Kudos to Carada for developing this product!

Our viewing habits include many foreign DVDs with English subtitles so a fixed frame 2.35 constant height screen was out of the running pretty quickly. However I would love to get rid of those black bars once in a while!

Unfortunately my budget will not allow for purchasing this masking system right away, but I would like to prepare for it with my screen purchase.

What aspect ratio Carada screen makes sense to purchase recommend purchasing if we plan to do a mix of 16x9 and 2.35 material?

Anthony A.'s Avatar Anthony A. 09:58 PM 04-18-2008
get 16:9. i've been racking my brains for weeks if i should go 2.35 or 16x9. with the added expenses of 2.35 hardware and the fact that i can only go so wide for a screen in my room, i would rather get the 16:9 as it will give me the biggest image for hdtv, and only slightly height reduced for 2.35. plus, i've decided to get the masking system with the money i saved on buying a lens.
Anthony A.'s Avatar Anthony A. 10:23 PM 04-18-2008
david, i have a couple of questions for you. im looking to get your masking system and one of your screens. i was wondering if the mms screen is the same screen material as the precision and criterion? also, is the only difference between criterion and precision the frame size and bevel?

thanks very much.
David Giles's Avatar David Giles 07:59 PM 04-19-2008
Hey Anthony,

The surface materials are the same whether you get the Precision Series, the Criterion Series, or the MMS. And yes the only difference between the Precision Series and the Criterion Series is the wider, deeper, beveled frame on the Criterion.

David Giles
Anthony A.'s Avatar Anthony A. 11:05 PM 04-19-2008
okay, thats what i thought. it looks like i will be getting the masking with the mms screen. btw, i want to build this screen into my wall and have it flush. i would like to cover the wall in the same fabric (or atleast match exactly the same color/shade of black) as the black hole that you use. is there a supplier that i can purchase this from bulk or can you recommend a fabric that is very close to it in color and texture?

also, in regards to getting the supplied power cord for the system, does it remain hidden in the bezel or will it be visible?

thanks again.
David Giles's Avatar David Giles 08:28 PM 04-20-2008
Hi Anthony,

We have the Black Hole trim manufactured specifically for our purposes, and you aren't going to find the exact same material. I haven't checked other fabrics for a match, but if you get samples of various velvets from your local fabric store you might be able to find a close match. By the way, to install the Masquerade you need 3/4" of clearance at the top and 2" on each side, so you can't install the system into a prebuilt opening that is the exact outside dimensions of the frame (i.e. flush). Now you CAN build a flush "casement" around the Masquerade AFTER you've installed it, but of course then if you ever wanted to take the Masquerade down you would have to remove that casement first.

When you order the Masquerade with a power cord, the cord exits the frame at the bottom right hand corner through the bottom of the structure, and will be visible (unless of course you hide it behind a curtain, speakers, etc). It is a standard 3-prong black cord and the standard length is 7.5 feet, although we can make it shorter if you want us to. If you don't want to see a cord you will need to hardwire the system, with your wiring exiting your wall behind the fascia of the Masquerade.

Oh and thanks for the Kudos M@verick! I agree with Anthony that a native 16:9 system should suit you well.

David Giles
BRADH's Avatar BRADH 10:22 AM 04-21-2008
After reading this thread and talking with David Giles today.

I am now a proud owner (will be in about 10 day) of the Masquerade masking system 106" diagonal, and Carada brilliant white 106" screen.

RufEdge's Avatar RufEdge 10:16 PM 04-22-2008
Congrats Bradh.

Carada has the best guys.

I am leaning towards a Masquerade myself. Projector should arrive this week.

Which projector are you shooting?
BRADH's Avatar BRADH 08:07 AM 04-23-2008
Iam still using a Samsung 710AE. Iam 99% sure that I will get the Samsung SP-A800.

The Carada system will be replace a Stewart Grayhawk RS 100" diagonal screen.

Visioneer's Avatar Visioneer 04:53 PM 04-30-2008
I've discussed the purchase of the Carada Masking system with Rex and I am excited about getting it. But I would like to see a few pictures of how it added to your HT. So for those who have this awesome system.....please post some photos. Thanks.
BRADH's Avatar BRADH 06:29 PM 04-30-2008
Mine shipped today. I will post some pic after I get it up.

BOM's Avatar BOM 09:16 AM 05-02-2008
I've got mine in hand and will install it this weekend. The Masquerade system is impeccably packaged and the instructions seem clear. I'll post some pictures when I can.
oldavman's Avatar oldavman 10:57 AM 05-02-2008
I've had my Carada screen for two years. It is one of the best AV products in it's design, build quality, ease of installation, and price that I have ever come across. The packaging and instructions were top rate. Carada personel are the best, also. (More companies need to emulate their business style). I plan to order the masking system for my screen soon.
rsbeck's Avatar rsbeck 11:59 AM 05-02-2008
Originally Posted by David Giles View Post

we use a Somfy motor in the Masquerade and Somfy has an excellent track record. Somfy is the industry leader in tubular motors and their motors are used in the vast majority of high-end projection screen products on the market, including masking systems costing 5-10 times as much as the Masquerade (not to mention millions of window shades, blinds, awnings, and other high-end motorized home automation equipment) and they're known for being highly reliable.

This is a strong selling point. I had scanned your Masquerade site several times without seeing it. After reading your comments in this forum, I hunted and found this fact buried on the page. I mean this as constructive criticism. This should be featured on the Masquerade web page! I missed it because it is in a paragraph next to a picture of your remote control -- way down the page. It would stand out more if you made these points next to a picture of your motor.

When you say that this is the same motor used on masking systems costing 5 - 10 times as much, are you saying this is the same motor used on Stewart motorized masking systems?
David Giles's Avatar David Giles 12:21 PM 05-02-2008
Thanks for the wonderful compliments oldavman!! I'm confident that you'll be just as happy with your Masquerade as you have been with your Carada screen.

Originally Posted by rsbeck View Post

This is a strong selling point. This should be featured on the Masquerade web page! When you say that this is the same motor used on masking systems costing 5 - 10 times as much, are you saying this is the same motor used on Stewart motorized masking systems?

Actually we do mention the motor we use on the Masquerade page on our website (about 3/4 of the way down the page right above the photo of the remote). Somfy motors are used in the majority of motorized masking systems on the market (including the Stewart systems I've seen) as well as most high-end retractable screens. I don't know if Stewart is specifically using the Somfy Sonesse motor in all or some of their masking systems (it's a new ultra-quiet motor that just started shipping in production quantities last year) but if they aren't I strongly suspect they will in the future.

Anyway, thanks for your questions rsbeck!

Edit - Right after my post I saw that you edited your post. You're right that we should probably crow more loudly about the motor. I'll look at making it stand out a bit more on the website.

David Giles
Carada, Inc.
rsbeck's Avatar rsbeck 12:44 PM 05-02-2008
Not to be pushy, but --- the motor is a huge selling point because this is a new product. Eventually, I am sure it will go on to achieve an admirable track record and -- just going by the reviews we are already seeing -- will generate incredible word of mouth. But, in these early stages, it is important to assure customers that, though your product is new, it can be counted upon for a long time. As you say, the Masquerade may be a new product, but the Somfy has a long track record and is the same motor used in very expensive masking systems. Personally, I find this very reassuring -- I have to think others would as well.

Thanks for taking this in the spirit intended.
David Giles's Avatar David Giles 01:01 PM 05-02-2008
Excellent points rsbeck! And believe me, we welcome constructive criticism. Consider it done.

David Giles
Carada, Inc.
Anthony A.'s Avatar Anthony A. 03:45 PM 05-05-2008
c'mon people lets see more pics of your setup!!!
Visioneer's Avatar Visioneer 04:25 PM 05-05-2008
I vote for David and the Carada team building a gallery on their website. Any takers?
joerod's Avatar joerod 04:28 PM 05-05-2008
Here are a few of mine (which I already posted)...
BRADH's Avatar BRADH 09:36 PM 05-05-2008
I order the MMS (designed for the Masquerade) 106" Carada Brilliant White and a Masquerade masking system from David about 10 days ago. The screen was delivered Friday and I installed it Sunday morning in about an hour. The Masquerade system was delivered today and I installed it tonight in about 2 hours. Both the screen and Masquerade system were very easy to install.

Not only is the Masquerade system a flat out bargain so are the screens. I replaced a Stewart Greyhawk RS 100" diagonal screen with the Carada Brilliant white and I love it, along with the Masking system.

One last thing. Sunday when I was installing the screen I noticed that it was larger than 106" I fired an email off to David to find out why. With in a few seconds my phone rang and it was David. He explained to me that the MMS screen surface was larger and that the Masking system would cover up the extra few inchs.

David thanks again for the phone call on Sunday that was first class service.
You have a great company with top notch products and a bargain price.

BRADH's Avatar BRADH 03:07 PM 05-08-2008
I have watched a few movies, and all I can say is (WOW) I wish that I had gotten the Masquerade masking system when it first came out.

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