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ct's Avatar ct 01:57 PM 11-13-2001
I am using a DaLite Model B pulldown screen. Had it for about 2 years. With rainy season and closing up the house, I have a profound rippling of the material. On horizontal pans, the effect is becoming quite noticeable.

1. Is there a fix for the rollup screen?
2. Has anyone ever removed the material from the mechanism and stretched the material over a frame with good results?
3. Any sources for this material without the mechanism?

Thanks cT

Jason Turk's Avatar Jason Turk 06:00 PM 11-13-2001
Generally not. Model B screens are priced so inexpensively that most people won't bother fixing them, even if that is a possiblility. You can get material byitself, but not for a Model B replacement. Tab tensioning eliminates that problem, but it is not available on a pull down screen with the exception of the Stewart Communicator.

ct's Avatar ct 11:12 AM 11-14-2001
Thanks for the information. Charlie
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