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viperdriver5150's Avatar viperdriver5150 11:37 PM 07-20-2012

Just purchased a Epson 6010 today and I am looking for any input with my mounting options as this is my first projector.

Room size is 8'4" height, 15'4" wide and 23'5" deep with a 120" 1.3 gain screen. It looks like the minimum distance to ceiling mount is 11'9" and I was going to do 13'. Does that sound about right? Also, should the bottom of the projector be flush with the top of the screen, a little below or a little above. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have read a lot about the keystone and it sounds like I want to keep that to a minimum.

kaotikr1's Avatar kaotikr1 05:33 AM 07-21-2012
I think that all sounds good. Also the 6010 has a lot of vertical/horizontal lens shift so you can mount it above or below the top of the screen and you will be fine. If you are squared up to the wall you wont have to use any keystone.
jnabq's Avatar jnabq 02:20 AM 07-22-2012
13' will be fine, placing the lens within a few inches above/below the top of the screen. Level the pj using the tile/swivel of the mount, till the image is square on the wall, then use the lens shift knobs to position the image up/down, left/right onto the screen. There is a slight indention you can feel on the horz shift wheel that indicates where the center should be. If set up correctly the need for keystone isn't needed, and should be avoided if possible, as it affects the image slightly. Enjoy, its a nice pj
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