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PanicRGH's Avatar PanicRGH 02:10 PM 08-30-2012
I Am looking to get my First Proper Projector and after looking at a few reviews and demos. I Think the Optoma HD82 Was my choice.

I Was thinking that paying this price , i might as well look for a 3D Projector as i have a 55" 3DTV and think 3D is bad , but after seeing it on a big projector i think its worth it.

I Then saw the HD83 but is getting not as good reviews as the HD82 but looking at the Specs its a little better than the HD82 and has great 3D.

What are the Pros and Cons of the HD83 compared to the HD82?


PanicRGH's Avatar PanicRGH 07:45 AM 08-31-2012
Vaan Janne's Avatar Vaan Janne 01:31 PM 11-22-2013
Yeh.... i was hoping to hear some too...
sothoms's Avatar sothoms 02:18 PM 11-22-2013
I had optoma HD82 and today I bought the HD83
I have not install it yet.
The reviews said that is the same with HD82 plus the 3D
Mine also has fimware C07.
The latest post I found in the forum about HD83, were regarding firmware C03 and C04.
I dont know the updates of C07 and if this firmware gives better picture quality.
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