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Gummy69's Avatar Gummy69 04:17 PM 09-12-2012
7000 is better than expected . Original plan was to use for Blu-ray, Netflix , and VUDU. Eye popping resolution and 2D-3D impressive- will have to expand. Now hooking up DISH (salivating) . I moved my Wii and connected the component lines to my Yamaha RX- V473; output by HDMI to the 7000. Audio OK but no video . Any thoughts?
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derek's Avatar derek 12:34 PM 09-17-2012
Are you using Wii in 480i mode? Some receivers don't upscale and transcode to HDMI at 480i. Try setting the Wii into 480p mode.
Gummy69's Avatar Gummy69 07:14 AM 09-25-2012
Your suggestion helped me find the solution. Wii doesn't let you set to 480p unless using component cables. So I got some, but my receiver does not pass through component to the 7000. However there is an out to monitor on my receiver. I ran another set of component video to the 7000 and paired it with the audio input. Image is pretty decent and the kids love it.. I guess that is the best I will get with 480 on that size screen.
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