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dmoneyman2323's Avatar dmoneyman2323 10:47 PM 08-11-2013
Just wanted to say I watched Oblivion tonight on the 50es and it was probably the best looking image I've ever seen on a projector before. I don't know what settings others are using but I'm using cinema 1 uncalibrated, 20 RC, and 55 Darbee HD. Great image.

My next investment will be a cheap lens setup for my 2.35 set up, right now I'm using the lumagen for AR switching.

Mustang84's Avatar Mustang84 12:39 PM 08-12-2013
I agree. I also have watched Oblivion recently on my HW50 and was impressed. However I come more and more to the conclusion to turn Reality Creation completely off. It just looks more natural without it. And the picture of such high quality Blu Rays is anyway enough sharp. And if it isn't, Reality Creation sometimes does more bad than good (enhances noise). Together with 'Skyfall' the best looking Blu Ray so far.
JacobC1983's Avatar JacobC1983 02:25 PM 08-12-2013
I watched Oblivion today - it is a fantastic BluRay. I love the scene where he goes into the Scab whole and has to get pulled out by the rope connected to his motorcycle and the rope breaks and he falls. That bass hit is fantastic.. it really makes my dual SVS PB12-NSDs sing.

I find myself playing with RC between minimum and 10 and my Darbee Darblett around HD 40% - HD 50%.
Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 06:20 PM 08-12-2013
i'm jealous. I want my projector.... 2 weeks on order so far. hopefully sooooooon! cool.gif
Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 06:47 PM 08-12-2013
also anyone running a high power or high contrast high power screen with this projector? I always thought HP was pretty and "lcd" like. Plus I want to watch my Gamecocks ( GO COCKS!) not in the dark this football season smile.gif

My Seating width is about 11ft wide (sectional couch and big round chair) in a 13 and half ft. wide room. We have rearranged the room and looking at 120-135" screen. Projector mounted about 16' back since the rearrangement and the projector can be mounted in the best spot for a high power. Is my seating positions to wide for the high power? Seating is about 13 ft from the screen.

here is a picture for better reference. excuse the clutter. that is my butt load of screen samples I have gotten haha. That is my old elite 100" screen. Going to build a faux wall for the new screen to be hung on. The entire room will be painted black. Currently running in circles on screen choices, dieing to have my new projector so I can actually see the differences.

Done Deal DR's Avatar Done Deal DR 07:03 PM 08-12-2013
I have a 159" 16:9 HP. For my application it's awesome, everything but 3D and games I run on low lamp mode WITH quite a bit of ambient light. That said, I think in pitch black rooms you're usually better off with a low (around 1.0) gain screen. Mine is in a living room with some daytime viewing where even with extensive and expensive light control there will always be ambient light in the daytime so it made sense for me. Also I wanted the ability to have lights on for sports viewing with friends.

In my testing, even with a screen as wide as mine off axis viewing with seating at the very side of the screen is still good - but I don't have any method of actually measuring it. You can visit my build thread in my signature for pics if you want.
Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 07:13 PM 08-12-2013
I don't HAVE to paint it black if a HP would work in that room. I could go with a dark blue or garnet. I really just don't want to watch football and play xbox one/ps4/pc in the dark all the time.

I took a look at your thread Done Deal and man 159" would be killer! Do you have any pictures or video of the HP lit up? thanks
Done Deal DR's Avatar Done Deal DR 08:16 PM 08-12-2013
I plan to paint mine a bit darker but certainly not black, probably some shade of grey or possibly multiple shades of grey. I will have to leave the ceiling white however to maintain a decent living room aesthetic. The HP resists light decently but it will certainly reflect light off of surfaces which brightens the room and then affects black levels - but it doesn't hurt my enjoyment at all and black levels are still quite good with the dynamic iris enabled.

I don't have any content pics currently available showing the HP lit up, but if you want a bright LCD/LED look, an HP will certainly help provide that in combination with an HW50 which is already bright. I'd say on low mode, even with 159" screen you'd probably be happy with the brightness and pop and especially so at the screen size you mentioned. There is always the option of high mode as well, but in my opinion it's not needed with the HP, and that saves you substantial money in running costs.

My main reasons for the HP were ambient light, daytime/sports viewing capability with option of having lights on, and be able to run content on low mode to extend lamp life.
Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 08:38 PM 08-12-2013
yeah more and more I think about it the more it sounds appealing. How wide is your seating distance and do you notice any changes on screen from left side, middle, to right side of your couch?
zombie10k's Avatar zombie10k 08:51 PM 08-12-2013
My 2.8HP screen is smaller @ 142" 16:9 but still larger than most screens discussed on the forum. I have 4 seats across w/ no obvious brightness shifts, there is some mild drop off on the far seats but it's still plenty bright.

This is during my ceiling blackout project, you can see some tiles are still white + the grid hasn't been covered yet.


20+ feet back


seating distance @ 14 feet

Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 09:05 PM 08-12-2013
jesus that last shot looks like an actual screenshot, not a shot taken with a camera on a screen!

how wide are your 4 seats across zombie?
Done Deal DR's Avatar Done Deal DR 09:14 PM 08-12-2013
I wouldn't worry about off axis viewing, it's not as if it turns black like a tv screen when you are off axis outside of its rated viewing range. At worst it's basically 1.0 gain and even sitting at the tail end of the screen or even outside of it I never notice it. I've never had anyone mention it either, but even looking for it I don't notice it.

One thing to keep in mind is that you want to mount the projector lens as close to the middle of the screen for maximum gain as possible. Earlier in my setup I had it on a table like 3 feet lower and although I liked it at the time I noticed a brighter image when I raised it to the middle mounted to the ceiling.
zombie10k's Avatar zombie10k 09:18 PM 08-12-2013
The seats are full sized Berklines in a curved setup, it's approximately 13 feet wide, just a bit wider than the screen.

With the HW50 @ ~1000 lumens in high lamp, I can easily watch TV with ambient light. Obviously it looks a lot better with the lights out, but would prefer not to watch TV in the dark.
baloo_btru's Avatar baloo_btru 10:37 PM 08-12-2013
Seeing those pics really makes me wish I could do a hp screen in my setup. Looks great!

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Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 12:38 PM 08-13-2013
hmmm i think it could work after seeing the responses.
Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 12:38 PM 08-13-2013
bah. double post
ksbarnz's Avatar ksbarnz 12:55 PM 08-13-2013
Any owners here having issues with focus drift? I have had my unit since January and have had the problem of having to readjust the focus every day or two. It is a minor inconvenience because I have the project wall mounted behind my seating. I called Sony yesterday and they are wanting me to send it in for repair, and I would be without the projector for 7-10 days. I told them I would hold off because I have not had good experiences with repairs in general...coming from an Epson. Just checking to see if it is a common problem.
tbacos's Avatar tbacos 03:34 PM 08-13-2013
Zombie - does it ever feel too bright for you? I have a 2.8 HP 110" diagonal screen that I'll be lighting up with my HW50ES one of these days, and have been advised that it might be too bright a combo...
zombie10k's Avatar zombie10k 04:25 PM 08-13-2013
Originally Posted by tbacos View Post

Zombie - does it ever feel too bright for you? I have a 2.8 HP 110" diagonal screen that I'll be lighting up with my HW50ES one of these days, and have been advised that it might be too bright a combo...

you have a number of options if you find it's too bright. Running low lamp with the iris set to 'auto-limited' should do the trick on your 2.8HP 110". The 'auto-limited' clamps the iris to reduce the peak brightness but still engages the full DI. An alternative is running the iris manually which can be adjusted to cut down the overall light output.
ktoolsie's Avatar ktoolsie 06:18 PM 08-13-2013
Is anyone else using the Panel alignment feature to correct for panel alignment errors (convergence)?

When I first turned my unit on there were obvious panel alignment errors, immediately visible on the internal menu text and graphics. I reckon I had a green fringe on the text menus of at least one pixels width. I went into the Panel alignment function and selected "Shift" which works across the entire image as opposed to "Zone" which applies corrections to just a small part of the image. I figured "Shift" would introduce less artifacts. My unit needed Red to be shifted 5 to 6 clicks in each axis. Blue needed a couple clicks in one axis. The result was perfectly acceptable apparent convergence on the test grid, with almost no perceptible color bleed even up close. I did not see any obvious artifacts when viewing regular material.

However, on some of the 1080P test patterns on the AVS Set-up disc, I saw something very odd:

When I display a pattern with alternating black and white lines, of 1 pixel widths, the white lines show up as perfectly even RED lines! This must be a product of the panel alignment adjustments. While, I do not see this effect with regular material, I wonder if I am losing perceived sharpness.

I was able to verify that it is the use of the panel alignment feature that is causing the white lines to turn red on the single pixel-wide lines on the test pattern. When I turn panel alignment off, the thin (1-pixel) wide white lines turn from red back to white. However, I can then see the color fringing on the Sony menu and on wider white lines. The color fringing is very noticeable close to the screen, is still just about visible from 10 ft away and disappears at 16 ft back from the screen. As things stand, I can leave panel alignment off and have some visible color fringing on certain scenes (and the menu) or turn it on and run the risk of the type of artifacts that i experienced with the one-pixel width test pattern lines.

The spec sheet for the projector mentions that the panel alignment acts in 1/10 th of a pixel increments. I did verify that if I set the offset to exactly 10 clicks (I currently use 5 or 6 clicks) the artifacts on the pixel-wide zebra lines disappears, but then the color fringing returns, although the green and red fringe have swapped positions. Also each click seemed like it was much more than 1/10 of a pixel shift (maybe 1/4 of 1/5).

Is my unit the only one with panel alignment error so large as to require using the panel alignment feature? If anyone else is using it, please report your settings and if you can test your unit with these test patterns, even better. Thanks.
baloo_btru's Avatar baloo_btru 09:11 PM 08-13-2013
My projector came in and I hung it up tonight! It looks pretty great. Unfortunately I couldn't hang it perfectly and will likely need to spend a good deal more time to get it as perfect as possible.

It is plenty bright (especially since its brand new) and I haven't really tested the torch modes yet. I hope I will be able to watch/play video games with some lights on without issue. Should be fine.

The sharpness is pretty good, and I do like the RC with the limited content I checked out. I can see how it can be too much too quick though. It really sucks that this is my busiest week in months, and I'll be going out of town next week. Otherwise I would just spend my time playing with my new toy smile.gif I can't wait to get some critical viewing going!

Any tips on long term maintenance and usage?
Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 10:31 PM 08-13-2013
Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 10:31 PM 08-13-2013
why am I getting double posted so much lately mad.gif
booga24's Avatar booga24 10:59 PM 08-13-2013
I know this is my first projector and the wow factor is in effect, but looking at the picture projecting on a white wall. Do I really need a screen? can it really get better than this?
Done Deal DR's Avatar Done Deal DR 11:45 PM 08-13-2013
I'd definitely recommend a screen. Most all of us have projected on a wall and I can say without a doubt with a screen the image is brighter, sharper, colors are more accurate and pop more. Basically everything is better. I spent months without a screen and now that I have one it'd be hard to go back.
jimjans's Avatar jimjans 06:35 AM 08-14-2013
Please help ..
Has anyone experienced that the projector turns itself off without warning and leave no on fans and only the red standby light that shines ?
AV Science Sales 5's Avatar AV Science Sales 5 12:46 PM 08-14-2013
Looks like all remaining HW50's are getting ready to ship to us. Means all orders will be filled very soon. smile.gif
Threefiddie's Avatar Threefiddie 01:20 PM 08-14-2013
Originally Posted by booga24 View Post

I know this is my first projector and the wow factor is in effect, but looking at the picture projecting on a white wall. Do I really need a screen? can it really get better than this?

Yes. it's worth it and makes your room look awesome cool.gifcool.gif

Originally Posted by AV Science Sales 5 View Post

Looks like all remaining HW50's are getting ready to ship to us. Means all orders will be filled very soon. smile.gif

biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif time to start painting my room then this weekend....

anyone have any suggestions to what brand of paint is best for flat black? Not 100% decided if I am going completely black, but at least the ceiling will be.
Conspiracy*'s Avatar Conspiracy* 02:33 PM 08-14-2013
I got confirmation on my projector being shipped. GLad to hear. I've barely touched the room and this will provide the motivation needed to get started.
Craig Peer's Avatar Craig Peer 02:53 PM 08-14-2013
I've barely touched the room and this will provide the motivation needed to get started.

There is nothing like new gear ( a projector especially ) to get you excited to finish your theater. smile.gif
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