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stevejenkins's Avatar stevejenkins 09:05 PM 10-19-2012
I've got a "classic" Marantz VP12-S2 PJ, and it went dead the other day in the middle of a movie and turned the "Warning/Lamp" light on solid. Normally, this is the signal to replace the bulb, but the bulb had been recently replaced, so I was suspicious. I ordered a new bulb anyway, but when I installed it the problem still existed. The PJ powers up, I can hear the fans, I can hear the color wheel spin up, and then a few seconds later it shuts down and the red warning lights turns on solid again.

I've tried all the tricks I could find online - unplugging all sources, bending the contact switch on the bulb door, unplugging and re-plugging repeatedly... nothing works.

The only other thing I can think of now is that it's the ballast not being able to provide enough power to turn on the bulb (on one try, the light came on for a split second, and then died).

I'd like to try and replace the ballast myself. Google was no help in finding a part number... anyone here have any leads for me (or perhaps another idea of something to try)?

Thanks in advance,


kmulder's Avatar kmulder 08:01 PM 10-25-2012
Did you try contacting Marantz for the part. The parts departments phone number is (201) 762-6392. I just ordered a power supply from them for a VP11S1. You can order a service manual for your projector here
garthbooth's Avatar garthbooth 07:33 PM 11-30-2012
I had the exact same problem about 5 months ago and tried all the tricks you mentioned, but nothing worked. I finally took it to an authorized Marantz service (about 3 days later) and all of sudden the projector started working. Well, it's 5 months later and I just hit the problem again last night!

Did the Ballast replacement work?

Thanks in advance,
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