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I wonder if we're going to see DLPs with a laser light source (no LEDs)? I thought LEDs as a light source would have made a lot in inroads by now but it just hasn't happened. Maybe laser with effective modulation for really good on/off C.R. will help put DLP back into the HT race (4K DLP would also certainly help as well).
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Originally Posted by AV Science Sales 5 View Post
Interesting, yes, but the problem comes down to cost. You have to decide if the added benefits on the LS10000 are enough to overcome the price difference between the two. To some it will and to others, it won't.
I won't be jumping into the debate this time. I've belabored my opinions on the matter far too much for most people to bear on the subject. I think they know where I stand and why. I think you're in agreement with most of what I've said between the two units.

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lot's of people are 'interested', let's see who actually opens the wallet and forks out the 8K for the first gen model.

d.j - even Andreas couldn't resist the high native contrast of the JVC's. worlds are colliding...
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Originally Posted by zombie10k View Post
Alien is one of my all-time favorite movies, the BD transfer looks much better IMO than they were able to handle with 'Aliens'. My understanding with Aliens is that they were using a specific batch of Kodak film that was not favored at the time and didn't last long after this movie was made.

let's see what happens with Prometheus 2.. shocked they decided to proceed with this film, it better be about 1000 times better than the first. The spoof on youtube 'How Prometheus should have ended' was dead on... just drop the ship onto LV-426 which would have explained the beginning of Alien. At least it would have been some salvation for this movie.

Yes Alien is a fantastic film.
The fact that most of the VFX were done in camera as opposed to relying on optical compositing preserved the resolution that would have otherwise been lost due to this analogue technique.

It means that when it was scanned at 4K to create a digital master there were no(or very few) fluctuations in the quality of the scans from shot to shot as it was all 1st generation negative and not dupe stock.
there is the opening credit sequence + the one shot at the beginning which features optical subtitles to emphasize the criteria of the Nostromo and they both look soft.

Yes you are correct about that Kodak stock used for Aliens in 1985.
This film also used more optical composites which accentuated the grain levels.

1st generation negative shots look astounding on the Sony 4k though.

It is almost like this projector is one giant magnifying glass.
It will show you everything(good and bad).

As for Prometheus.
It seems to suffer from a common affliction that bestows itself upon many contemporary fantasy/action movies these days.

The action(VFX set-pieces) dictates the story instead of the other way round.

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thanks for taking the time to post these details on 2 of my favorite sci-fi movies. I think the size of the sets is what made Alien so believable in regard to the effects. HR Geiger's work was remarkable, so much attention to detail.

recently, Adam from Mythbuster's debuted his 10 year in the making space suite from the first movie. He walked around comicon with a face huger attached to the helmet to obscure his identity.

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Alien is IMO pretty much Ridley's only Perfect Movie. Every single aspect, the script, direction, acting, set design, FX, sound, music, pacing is firing on all cylinders. It might be the most re-watchable movie in my whole collection.
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