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DV - the same review with the L/R patterns also said the JVC native contrast is 14.5k:1 which isn't accurate. but because it's published, many readers will think it's gospel.

will it be any different if PR states that the LS 10K is as good or better than the VW1100? A lot of the review info in general can be subjective, especially now that we are dealing with reality creation, super resolution, e-shift, etc. all sharpening techniques which could easily be overcooked for 1 person but look 'tack sharp' to another.

JC, I assure you the current JVC's are better than the RS40/45 series. At least with framed packed BD. SBS, all bets are off. At this point and time with the current 3D projectors, we still have 2 camps. DLP and Non-DLP. DLP = flawless x-talk, no flicker, so-so contrast. The non-DLP's have varying degrees of x-talk issues with tough content, varying degrees of flicker (Epson > Sony > JVC). They do beat up on the DLP's with overall contrast and low APL performance. We really have no 1 perfect projector solution just yet in this price category. The Epson 10000 is not likely going to be that solution. I expect the same degree of x-talk as we see on the Epson LCD's. Let's see the patterns, I will provide them to PC and Ron.

The lesson here for prospective buyers is to do your homework. Find out which reviewers (and end users) care about the features you're interesting in hearing about. 3D was never a strong focus in most reviews which is one of the reasons I started these threads a few years ago.
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Up until recently, I really had no desire/need for 3D. Thought it may very well be a passing fad. We had a Mitsubishi HC4000 in our HT, and it had no 3D capability. I bought a JVC X500R just a year ago, and although it's 3D capable I didn't even give that a thought when I researched/bought it. We didn't have a 3D capable BR player in the HT anyway. I had another 3D capable TV in the house (LG Plasma) as well as a 3D LG BR player. Bought some closeout shutter glasses and watched Cars 2 3D for the first time at home. It was fun! Not that I want to watch 3D all the time-Our 2D presentation in our dedicated HT is quite satisfactory. I bought an Oppo 103D a few months ago for the HT, and then some of the Xpand Mits glasses on closeout. The 3D on my combo is decent. My wife who doesn't like 3D even enjoyed Frozen 3D and wants to know what other 3D we have and which one we're going to watch next. Not all that bright on the JVC mind you, but for mainly animated movies it's fine for the 5-10% of the time we'll use it. My point is, I really wasn't a 3D proponent, (Not a total basher like some people here) but after experiencing it first hand I have a whole different outlook and prediction for 3D's future.
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I agree. It's fun on occasion. This is why I deem the JVC X500 sufficient for my needs with 3D. I personally don't watch much 3D and when I do I find the JVCs presentation more than satisfactory. Obviously with others they want better performance and that's fine as long as they're willing to pay for it. A good DLP with excellent contrast and brightness is expensive. These are the units from Sim2 and Runco. While Zombie and others love the Sharp 30k I suspect they want something even brighter and that's when things start to get expensive.
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I've found the 3D on my JVC RS57 to be good to very good, in terms of how I experience it. I see some crosstalk sometimes, but a lot of the times I'm not aware of it. I've had some truly amazing 3D viewing. Godzilla blew my mind in 3D on my big screen. The 3D effect really enhanced the sensation of looking way up at real giant monsters.
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Originally Posted by Deja Vu View Post
LG has a 77" OLED -- I'll bet the 3D on that T.V. looks amazing. My kids won't let me demo one because they're afraid I'll spend their inheritance on one.
Honestly, I'm still so enamored of OLED that I think I'd replace my 110" screen in the main home theater with that 77" OLED. I'm told that will change, but after more than two months with the OLED in my bedroom system, I'm not inclined to believe it. OLED is abso-friggin-lutely awesome! Infinite contrast does even more to enhance the 3D experience than I would have believed possible. Also, as much as I've been a proponent of "bigger is better" for 2D and 3D, 3D depth is enhanced by the smaller 55" screen. At my viewing distance in the bedroom, it seems just about perfect for getting maximum "depth effect" with most 3D films. As one moves closer, or the screen size increases, 3D depth collapses. The large size makes it more immersive, but the smaller screen (surrounded by total darkness) and contrast pull me into the 3D experience thoroughly. But it's not just 3D that benefits; 2D looks so much better, too. Infinite contrast makes everything sparkle with new life.


I trust your judgement on how much better the newer JVCs are with 3D. When my RS40/45 did 3D well (usually during dark scenes, when JVCs always seem to excel), I maintained that it was the best 3D I'd ever seen. That was because of the great contrast, and it was a glimpse of what OLED now does even better. And OLED doesn't suffer from the horrible dark ghosting issues I experienced with my JVCs. It isn't perfect, but if the reports from CES are accurate, they've made strides this year to improve on the already very good ghosting performance.

OK, I'll stop now. But I'm still looking forward to the day when that 77" OLED (or even bigger) is at a saner price. Hopefully, that's no more than a couple of years away.

Joe Clark

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