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Brad/Viper-Fan's Avatar Brad/Viper-Fan 09:17 PM 11-18-2012
Last CES they were in central hall, but this time the map does not show them in central hall, only in a meeting room or north hall with auto stuff.

Does anyone know where at CES JVC will demo their new projectors?
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Brad/Viper-Fan's Avatar Brad/Viper-Fan 08:50 PM 12-13-2012
Brad/Viper-Fan's Avatar Brad/Viper-Fan 05:58 PM 12-27-2012
Looks like JVC Professional added a hospitality suite at LVH #2269:)
RonF's Avatar RonF 06:15 PM 12-27-2012
Must be for their new laser 3 chip unit with honest 500,000 to 1 on/off no iris, 800 to 1 ansi and 2,500 lumens that's rumored to be priced at $5,995....... wink.gifeek.gif
edfowler's Avatar edfowler 06:52 PM 12-27-2012
I want one!
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