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esdwa's Avatar esdwa 12:30 PM 12-30-2012
After disappointing experience with couple of HD33 projectors, I am about to order HD8300 model but I am unable to find if this model has threaded lens focus ring or not. Also, if someone could do me a favor and tell me what is the overall diameter of the focus ring, I would certainly appreciate it.

Ilya Volk's Avatar Ilya Volk 01:39 PM 01-04-2013
Its 90mm if I understand you question correctly.
esdwa's Avatar esdwa 08:40 PM 01-04-2013
Thanks for your feedback. Does HD8300 focus ring has thread to install filters?
Ilya Volk's Avatar Ilya Volk 09:07 PM 01-04-2013
It doesnt as I see. Also I'm not sure 90mm ND filters exist.

Anyway, I don't feel that HD8300 needs filter.
After reading reviews I was worrying that it is too bright for 2D, and it really does have a lot of brightness, but it can be pleasantly dark as well.
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