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marco1975's Avatar marco1975 06:09 PM 01-03-2013
HI guys
Iam having an issue with my Panasonic PT-AT5000E , Which panasoinc called (Dust in the optical light path) it realy bother me when ever there is a very dark scene in the movie , and then i start seeing a few spots that has a fainted grey color.
to be honest i also had the same problem with my older projector , it was also Panasonic PT-AT4000E, and at that time i had to send it to panasonic service center. is thise a known problem with panasoinc projector, or is,t just my luck?
is there anyway that i can fix thise problem my self at home? the projector still under warranty as it,s only 6 month old , but i just hate being without it for a while.

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