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I think a number of us have some significant hours now on these to be able to have a feel for what a marked difference from any lamps since the RS1 through 2012 models. My experience anyway. Would you care to share how you are doing with yours, if you took a simple center lux reading at the screen facing back at the projector when the lamp was new? How many hours now, low or high lamp and what is current reading? I guess projector model too if you want to include.

RS4810......low lamp, 8.5' wide 16x9 screen. 180 lux at 0 hours. Calibration at 100 hours. Currently 320 hours and after the projector has been on for several hours the readings still usually are between 172 and 176. Two nights ago after 4 hours on, incredibly the lamp hit 180 again. eek.giftongue.gif.

I'm using this meter which was one of 2 at not too, too expensive a cost a couple years ago, recommended by UMR: Has since been replaced in Extech's lineup with another model.
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I just shut off the RS4810 after watching Lakers going down in flames in another must have game to the across the hall Clippers.....ughhh! 385 hours on the original lamp. As always I pull out the light meter first before shutting down and bump the projector's aperture setting up to zero. 185 freaking lux on low lamp with 8.5' wide 16x9 screen it is reading. From a starting point of 180 lux at zero and an excellent calibration at 100 hours. So do I just have a "freak" lamp or are other 2013 JVC owners seeing similar fluctuating (always-around-the-top-of-the-history-scale) lumens readings while basically staying at less than 5% down from their "new" lumens that were recorded? By now I'm sure many out there have as many hours or more than me. Help me out here....hey??

And this from another thread just to detail it's not some wonky meter, it's a good one:

Originally Posted by guitarman

Extech 403125 I bought mine used off ebay. I like because it's stated to be very accurate and the sensor attaches to the top so you can hold it in one hand.

I've got the same one, like it a lot. It's not their latest model now for that target range I guess and probably some good deals to be had where you can find them. Or its replacement if in the same $130-145 range.
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I am seeing the same thing. This new lamp is fantastic! I have 280 hours on the lamp and it is reading very close to what it did when brand new.

The lamp is very stable and my my calibration done at about 100 hours is very close to my latest calibration.

A HUGH difference compared to the previous generation lamp and worth the upgrade just for this feature. I had a X9 and now have an X95
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History of my 2012 Lamp to compare with your New models. Used mainly in High mode.

My Lux readings X90 Batcave.

iris open
standard/6500k/normal/other settings 0/
126"diag 1.2gain 2:35/16:9 screen/13`7" throw
Service menu white pattern
60 mins warm up
Center screen readings

Low/High lamp
106 hours
207/340 Lux 16:9 87" wide
124/208 Lux 2:35 117" wide

158 hours
207/325 Lux16:9 87" wide
124/197 Lux 2:35 117" wide

488 Hours
110/167 Lux 2:35 117" wide --- In 330 hours only a 30 Lux drop at high lamp.

680 Hours
Same readings as last time 167 Lux on High lamp 117" wide

1051 Hours
High Lamp 117" wide 2:35 151 Lux a drop of only 57 Lux in almost 950 hours

1258 Hours
High Lamp 117" wide 2:35 112 Lux (needs 140lux for 16ftL)

Contacted JVC and they offered a New Lamp for £120.
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Just to add to the information. I have not had a single customer have a lamp issue with any of the new JVC projectors. Very good results for these new lamps. smile.gif

My Baffle wall LCR build:
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I've been measuring my X35 from day one. The very reason I paid a little extra to get the X35 over a cheaper end of line deal on an X30 was due to the new lamp/power supply. So far I think I made the right choice. I'm using a Tecpel 531 lux meter and I just do a simple centre of screen check using the 100% test pattern from my Lumagen.

When new I set it up just with some basic settings (6500K, standard colour space, custom gamma 2.3 all else at 0 apart from contrast to +5 superwhite to clip at 240 approx). It measured 93 Lux when set for 16:9 content (I have a 2.35:1 screen).

Then at 15 hours I ran a calibration and the output increased to a fraction over 100 Lux (15fL on my screen). This is therefore my base line.

I've checked many times over the last 3 months (paranoia anyone? biggrin.gif) and I've seen it vary between about 98-104 Lux. I did a full recalibration at 150 hours which still gave me 100 Lux on that occasion (it had been on for about 4 hours when I calibrated it). Since then I've just about hit 200 hours and it's just started to drop a little bit and my last reading after 4+ hours use was 93 Lux. So less than 10% drop from the initial calibration at 15 hours.

FWIW those readings are with the iris at -15 since this is still enough for my taste for 16:9 content. I open up to -8 for 2.35:1 content so that I hit 15fL. I'm at minimum zoom so at the lowest end in terms of light output, though of course for the same reason it means I get the best contrast (and a sharper image) than when zoomed.

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet". William Shakespeare 1615
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Just came in from Laker win this time and it is the second straight reading where the lux again was higher than when new. 184 in my configuration on low vs the 180 when new. 390 hours now. That's whack, in a really good way tongue.gif

Thanks for chipping in above.... good to hear from others. Kelvin you probably have seen it by now, but sometimes you start to get those lower readings and think oh this is finally the start of the "slide". But then several days later it is back up again. Strange behavior, again in a really good way.
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