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dogbox46's Avatar dogbox46 05:44 PM 03-07-2013
Hey folks, my 3 year old Epson 6500UB is showing convergence and banding issues so I've started the search for a replacement unit.(No warranty)
I received an additional bulb when I purchased the 6500 and it's still in the box and I'd like to be able to use it on a replacement.

So I found a fellow selling his 9500UB with this description...

"Like new the amazing Epson 9500ub projector. 200000:1 contrast ratio. If you're looking for this projector then you already know how good it is. Comes with brand new extra bulb from Epson($299 Value) The current bulb has 680 hours on it.(4000 hour bulb) Comes with original box, packaging and remote control. Upgrading to a 3D projector." Also, the projector was ISF calibrated. The seller reports the unit as 2 years old without warranty.

The seller is asking $1,800 for the unit.

Seems to me that's high but I really don't know if the 9500 is that much better than the 6500. Did/does the 9500 have the same issues with the light engine as the 6500?

Is this good value or would a new 2D/3D Epson or the Panasonic 8000 be better choices?

Thanks for all your opinions.

zombie10k's Avatar zombie10k 06:18 PM 03-07-2013
That is too much $$ for an outdated model, you can easily find an Epson 5010 for that price and get the 3D as well.
jnabq's Avatar jnabq 06:51 PM 03-07-2013
Or the Benq 1070 for about $1k if you can't swing the price for the 5010. Either would be a better choice as your buying new vs a used unit, and getting 3D as zombie said.
inspector's Avatar inspector 04:32 PM 03-12-2013
I have a 9500 and it's great PJ! It did get replaced with a new one within the first year because of very slight pink and green. This was only visible on a pure white sceen..the replacement is perfect in all regards.

Mine has been ISFed and has 700 hrs. on a new blub, I still have a new spare. I would only go for a 6010/20 if I had the money.

If you're really into 3-D, I guess the 5010/20 would be the way to go, but don't they have a white housing? It sure wouldn't look good in my black HT.

Mine cost $3400 back in 2010 and now it's not made anymore. Since you won't be able to see in action, I'd try to get him down in price. $1000 to $1500 would probably be a better price. If it has that pink/green, I'd ask to give it back for a refund.

Tough decisions to make and good luck with whatever you do.
redcom1975's Avatar redcom1975 12:09 PM 04-04-2013
That seems too much. I just bought and received a refurbished 9500ub from Epson Store for $299 few days ago. I opened the box and powered up to see how it look. The unit is awesome so far but time will tell, but anyway I still have 3 years warranty if some problem arises. When I have time I'll playing around with calibration. Besides I have an Acer H5360 720P projector that I like.
femi's Avatar femi 09:09 AM 04-05-2013
did u say you bought a refurbished 9500ub for $299?
mbw23air's Avatar mbw23air 11:50 AM 04-05-2013
Did you mean you bought a lamp for the 9500ub from the epson store for $299? The current price on the out of stock refurbished 9500ub is $1899 and their cheaper 8350 refurbished projector sells for $899 on their site.

redcom1975's Avatar redcom1975 02:34 PM 04-05-2013
Yes. It was $299 then. Attached's my invoice.

. DSC_0516.JPG 464k .JPG file
Attached: DSC_0516.JPG (463.5 KB) 
Ranger's Avatar Ranger 03:15 PM 04-05-2013
Originally Posted by redcom1975 View Post

Yes. It was $299 then. Attached's my invoice.

. DSC_0516.JPG 464k .JPG file

Goodness...what an awesome deal !
mbw23air's Avatar mbw23air 04:40 PM 04-05-2013
Wow!! Awesome deal indeed!! I thought there was no way you could've gotten it for that price. I stand corrected. Did I say Wow? smile.gif

coderguy's Avatar coderguy 06:38 PM 04-05-2013
Probably an error in their system, someone entered something wrong and then fixed the price later, but they honored it.
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