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coffeeguy57's Avatar coffeeguy57 01:26 PM 04-08-2013
Is it possible that I have just become sensitive to motion blur. I have noticed it before with 24p material but never really bothered me to a point where it’s hard to enjoy movies.

I have been using a Sony VPL VW60 for a few years. Down the chain was an Onkyo receiver now a Denon 3313, then an HTPC playing BD and DVD via XBMC

Now, I can’t recall when I started to get really annoyed with the blurring, It seems even when an actor turns his head, is walking, maybe enters a shot, always blurry. Recently the Denon has been added. Unsure if it is related. Could it be?

I recently lost an HDD in the XBMC machine so it went to a fresh install and the newest AMD drivers. It does not help if I use a different software player.

I have tried in other PCs as well, two other XBMC machines one on a small monitor the other on a 48 inch 120 hz display. On the 48 inch I have turned on interpolation to the medium level and the blurry subsides but alas still looks daytime tv.

I no longer have a hardware BD player. My last one died and I didn't see a need to replaced. So I have tried that yet.

Does anyone have any ideas of what could cause the sudden change; or do you suppose it just me?

airscapes's Avatar airscapes 01:35 PM 04-08-2013
Why don't you borrow a BRP and watch a movie that is 24fps on the TV (with FI off) then with the projector (with FI off if it has it) and see if there is a difference.
If not then add your AVR.. Then try the same movie with one of your other media input devices.. Process of elimination.
Seegs108's Avatar Seegs108 02:50 PM 04-08-2013
While there is some in the source, typically directors and DP's try to keep it to a minimum unless they are using it for cinematic effect. Most Hollywood directors and DP's know the limits of 24fps and the camera's being used to shoot and plan their shots around those limitations to keep those artifacts to a minimum. A lot of times you see LCD and LCoS based technologies adding on to what wasn't there in the source. They have become much better over the past few years, but unfortunately the LCD and LCoS panels don't have the same native response times as plasma, CRT, and DLP based machines do and therefore add some blur to shots because they simply can't keep up. Those technologies are far superior in this regard and add very little to no extra blur that wasn't there in the source.

If you can, try and see some of the same material on one of those technologies. I think you'll be surprised to find how much better they are in that regard. You should be able to enjoy 24fps material. Like I said, it's created to keep those artifacts to a minimum and should be more than watchable on something that recreates it properly.
Craig Peer's Avatar Craig Peer 03:15 PM 04-08-2013
Despite 24 p supposedly " looking better ", I sometimes prefer the look of 1080 60i when it comes to motion.
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