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udtsealeod's Avatar udtsealeod 07:46 AM 05-27-2013
Planning/Building a dedicated theater room (24' x 13' x 9'), two row seating, light control! TBD on front speaker location; either all behind or floor R/L side and center front. Have floor/wall Def Tech speakers now for surround system. Will have 75% usage in TV mode (sports/movie), 20% in PS3 mode (movie/video/photos-TBD gaming), 5% TBD internet. Screen TBD, but looking at 110". I'm in the learning phase, both in screens and projectors. No this is not a DIY project, only the research to understand what I want/need! Would like some recommendation and why based on my usage requirements. Thank you!! smile.gifsmile.gif

AV Science Sales 5's Avatar AV Science Sales 5 08:04 AM 05-27-2013
Sent you a PM. smile.gif
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