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Hi all,

I am looking to build a home theater room.
i've been reading a lot and decided for my price range to go with the JVC, now i am having a difficult time finding the right model for me.

I need a projector and a screen.

I have a 2ch audio room, i am an audiophile and not (yet) a videophile. I want to reuse my audio room (2ch) for a video room.
The room size is 15' X 30' the 30' axis is saved for my 2ch system and i don't want to put a screen between the speakers so at the moment i will save the 15' axis for video (don't worry about the surround sound yet) :-)

So here are my questions:

Assuming i have 15' to work with, what projector should i go with, screen size and type?
Is the rs46 the same model as the rs48u?

I don't know if it is OK to post prices in this forum so let me know and i'll delete them if needed.

DLA-rs46 - 2500$
DLA-RS4810 - 3500$

I also need a screen and my final budget is 4.5K for both, a screen and a projector.

Is the 4810 worth the extra 1000$ or should i go with the 46 and put the 1000$ on a better quality screen?

I will seat 13' from the screen and the projector will be above my head, what screen size and type should i go for?

Thanks guys,
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First, if you can find an RS48 for 3500 I would definitely go with it as the e shift would offer advantages over the RS46 in regard to picture quality, as well the more flexible CMS ( color management ) in the menu is nice to have. They are both identical in size except for added features in the RS4810/RS48/X55 ( same projector, different designation ) To summarize; e shift ( 4k up sampling ) CMS, 3 year warranty and a more advanced pixel adjustment are the advantages over the entry RS46/X35. I am using the X35 with a 128" 2:35 screen at 17 feet and sometimes feel I could have gone larger - the premise being unless you are getting too close to the screen most here will agree that going larger is the way to go as one usually starts smaller thinking it will be enough but quickly tend to outgrow it. There is a formula for calculating screen size to seating distance - someone here will be able to tell you as I have forgotten and it is good as a starting point but some people like to sit closer so it varies. Also a screen with some gain is usually also preferable as the bulb will dim and the higher gain will help maintain some brightness. You also need to decide what is most important as far as what you prefer to watch, movies or tv ( such as sports ) which might dictate screen AR ( aspect ratio ) If you like 3D that plays a part as well ( I do not use it myself ). I do like movies filmed in the 2:35 and higher ratios so went with that type of screen and since the JVCs have a motorized lens control and preset memory function you can enter different ratios like 1:37, 1:78. 1:85 etc. It also might be an idea to tape the viewing area to simulate a particular screen size if you have lighter walls ( or hang a white sheet if you do not ). Speaking of dark. if you can tolerate darker walls and ceiling it really helps to maintain the contrast of any projector. I painted the wall where the screen is mounted black and also put some dark cloth across the ceiling and about six feet out from the screen to cut down on reflected light - which will tend to wash out the image depending on how "bright" everything is in a room. Just something to consider as most of us try for the so called " bat cave" . You might want purchase the projector first and use it for a bit before buying a screen to get an idea of what you would be comfortable with in your room. I went with a Carada screen in Brilliant White but there are other very good companies out there offering high quality screens as well. It is definitely a learning curve but asking here will get you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Hope some of this helps in some way. You might also want to check the the RS48/4810 owner's thread as well as the Screen forum for more help. Projector Central as well as JVC also have throw distance calculators which will give you the screen sizes at a given distance and zoom setting - check them out if you have not already.
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