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I don't understand too much of all this. I'm an old guy who has a few bucks fortunately, and spends on gear that I hear are pretty good. But I would really like to find out what to do to get the best out of what I have and the last few posts have sparked my curiosity. I have an Epson 6030 shooting on a 106" Carada BW screen. I think everyone will agree - so far, so good.

I have a DishTV 722 DVR receiver connected via HDMI to a Yamaha RX-V777BT A/V receiver. I also have a local cable box connected to the Yamaha via HDMI and my third HDMI connection to the Yamaha is an OPPO BDP-103 DVD player, which is connected to the Yamaha only for sound. The OPPO video goes via HDMI straight to my 6030's HDMI 2 input because the OPPO manual recommended that so the video processing would be done by OPPO without anything (is it called interlacing or something like that?) from the Yamaha. Again, so far so good as all this equipment is considered pretty darn good stuff.

The Dish and Cable boxes' HDMI connections go from the Yamaha out to a Darbee, which in turn sends all the signals to the Epson 6030's HDMI 1 input.

So, I am wondering - does the Yamaha 777 do any processing from the Dish and Cable boxes? I mean, does it "upgrade" the picture somehow. Or, does the Epson do it once the signal reaches the projector itself? Does the Epson do anything to the signal sent directly to it from the OPPO? How do I know what piece of equipment is doing what?

I mean, if the signal is the best possible it can be from lets say the OPPO, it would be foolish for me to let the Epson do something to try to improve it. I assume it could only degrade what is being sent to it IF the OPPO (or Yamaha) has a better processor than the Epson. Does anyone follow me on this and have any tips?

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Did the Firmware update a couple night ago and today turned on the projector on a dark screen and saw This (see Pic). Could this be a dust blob or perhaps something else?
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Deciding between uk 9200 and Sony 40ES. Whereas these are similarly priced else where, in the UK the Epson is £1000 more and £1300 more for wireless.
Thing is I need wireless this time plus want the RF glasses as I already have some.
Sony just announced a wireless kit plus RF adapter and even with these added as extras the Sony still comes in as £1000 ($1600) less than the wireless Epson.
So now seems a no brainer. Sorry Epson but you really take the pi55 with UK pricing

Just checked and the sony 55ES is the SAME price as the 9200w with the wireless/RF kit????

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Originally Posted by metalguy View Post
Looking at the extended warranty, which i assume is the same as the standard 2 year that comes with the purchase. It says you can only do an exchange 3 times during the warranty life. Now is that per 3 for the first 2 years and then 3 if you buy an extra 2 years ( at over $500 WOW)

What happens if you have defects or it brakes more than 3 times over the warranty life, do you just have to suck it up and repair it your self or I mean pay to get it repaird. I have not heard of a warranty where there is a limit on how often it can be repaired or replace during the time of the active warranty,
I believe that it is three total.

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Originally Posted by los seres View Post
Did the Firmware update a couple night ago and today turned on the projector on a dark screen and saw This (see Pic). Could this be a dust blob or perhaps something else?
Looks like a dust blob buddy.
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