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FensterBos's Avatar FensterBos 01:46 PM 12-20-2013
Some of you might have recognized my posts in other threads. A few months ago I purchased a house that had a theater room stocked to the brim with equipment. Unfortunately all of the equipment was installed in 2000; I've replaced all of the components with new technology - everything but the Marquee 9500 CRT projector. I was hoping to use it as long as possible before it needed some repair, but it only lasted a few months until it started to show some problems. I'm a DIY-er, but projectors and electronics isn't in my wheelhouse.

So, under some miracle that I can easily/cheaply fix the CRT I'm looking to buy a new digital projector. My local AV shop says the Sony HW55ES is going to be the closest comparison I will get in quality to the Marquee 9500 and that they have been selling a lot more Sonys over the Epsons. I've been doing some research and it looks like the HW50ES model is pretty similar to the HW55ES except for some enhancements like dynamic contrast ratio.

Does anyone have any experience with both models? If so, is the HW55ES worth the extra $1000 or would I be fine with the older model? I can control the light in my theater room from dim to dark.

FensterBos's Avatar FensterBos 01:48 PM 12-20-2013
Just something funny to share: I went to the Sony website yesterday and they were available. Today they are not. HA!
kaotikr1's Avatar kaotikr1 01:51 PM 12-20-2013
I don't have the 55, only the 50 but from what I have read I don't believe there to be $1000 worth of difference.

You would be very happy with the 50.
FensterBos's Avatar FensterBos 02:37 PM 12-20-2013
I'm starting to see that I would be pretty happy with the HW50ES, but problem is now trying to find a new one. My local AV store has a demo they can sell me, but can't discount the price because of Sony pricing rules.

I did find one at AllTimeTVs.com I might just grab. But before I get irrational - I've seen good reviews for the HW30ES. Does anyone have any experience with that one? How much of a quality difference will I see between the 50ES and 55ES?

Aaronh's Avatar Aaronh 02:50 PM 12-20-2013
Well there was a significant update from the 30 to the 50/55ES. Reality Creation, More lumens, improved 3D, significant boost in contrast. Side by side the difference would be evident. If you saw the 30 first, would you be happy with it? Only you could know for sure.
FensterBos's Avatar FensterBos 03:47 PM 12-20-2013
I went for the HW50ES - I read the Top 10 Projectors article here and it said if you could grab one at a discount it would be worth it. For an additional $300 (compared to the HW30ES) I got one through AllTimeTVs.com.
gnolivos's Avatar gnolivos 01:36 PM 12-21-2013
ALlTimeTV has good prices, but their return policy is terrible. Just my 2c.
FensterBos's Avatar FensterBos 06:37 AM 12-23-2013
Yeah, I noticed after making the purchase that I could probably get a better return policy from a private seller. I am pretty confident in my purchase of the Sony and if there are any issues with it I will just deal with the manufacturer if need be.
AV Science Sales 5's Avatar AV Science Sales 5 07:11 AM 12-23-2013
Originally Posted by gnolivos View Post

ALlTimeTV has good prices, but their return policy is terrible. Just my 2c.

I do not see them listed as an authorized Sony dealer? If not an authorized Sony dealer, then no warranty. http://store.sony.com/-cms-page.sony.authorized.dealer.list
FensterBos's Avatar FensterBos 08:47 AM 12-23-2013
I just got off the phone with Alltimetvs.com and they did the old bait-n-switch - they "had" the hw50es, but not anymore.

I'm starting to kick myself because I could have gotten the projector right from Sony on Thursday and waiting until Friday to pull the trigger. They were sold out on Friday.
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