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Rob Daley 01-03-2014 02:21 PM

Have a completely dark room with a 133 inch screen that provides 1.3 gain. Mostly watch BlueRay and HD TV and video games. I find that the projector is dark. Don't know if its a calibration issue or if the bulb has slowly gotten dark over time or if it's just time for something new. Have been thinking about the HW55ES or VW95ES from Sony. The 95 costs more which makes me think it should be better, but it is listed at 1,000 lumens which is what my Marantz is listed at. I like the idea of 1,700 lumen from the HW55, but wonder if I will be making other image scarafices compared to my Marantz or the 95ES. Any thoughts are welcome.

airscapes 01-03-2014 02:43 PM

New lamp! Resale value of the VP15 is about $1500 with a new lamp.. so if your still happy with the image, try a new lamp before you invest in a new projector that won't have that nice lens your VP has. Didn't say where the projector is mounted, maybe a Dalite HP would be in order if you are shelf mounted just over you head.. Just a thought that would be much less money and probably feel like a major upgrade.
I am using a Planar 8150 on a 110" HP 2.8 gain on eco and it is almost to bright during Toyota and other commercials with all white fields.

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