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bryanpwatson's Avatar bryanpwatson 11:48 PM 02-08-2014

I have the ability to purchase a openbox DLAX70R with a brand new lamp for $1,000. Still comes with a manufacturers warranty and everything.  Good purchase or should i hold out and get something else thats newer? 

Seegs108's Avatar Seegs108 12:31 AM 02-09-2014
That's a great price. Most used X70s sell for around $3000. If you can, though, demo the unit for yourself to make sure the unit is fully functional without any abnormalities. I would check convergence and focus across the entire image just to make sure this unit wasn't a lemon in that regard.
bryanpwatson's Avatar bryanpwatson 01:17 AM 02-09-2014

im actually going to take a look at it tomorrow, i have a screen and im going to set it up to a 110" screen and let it run for the length of an entire movie to confirm full functionality.

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