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ESAVI 07-09-2014 06:38 AM

Issue with Epson 6030 and Onkyo TXNR737
Maybe someone can shed some light on this situation for me, here is the setup that I have in place:

Onkyo TXNR737
Epson 6030
Samsung BluRay 3D player
Cable box

I have a 50ft redmere HDMI cable from the monitor out on the Onkyo to the Projector, all other HDMI cables are no longer than 6 ft from the sources to the inputs on the Rec. It has worked flawlessly for about a week. Now when I want to use it the Projector always says HDMI 1 no signal. I know I have the correct HDMI input selected on the projector.

I have even tired the HDMI directly out of the BluRay, bypassing the video swithcing on the Rec and then I get a a quick blimp of an image on the projector and then a blank screen to follow.

I have not tried a shorter HDMI cable, to see if the projector is defective. However assuming it is not, why would an HDMI cable work for about week and then stop if it is the HDMI cable.

The Onkyo rec is set on the default setting of "through" for the HDMI switching, any thoughts on this anyone?

ttlnb 07-09-2014 04:40 PM

The Redmere cables have circuits in them and they can get damaged. Move your projector temporarily and try it with a short cable. If it works then the cable is your problem.

avconsumer2 07-10-2014 06:33 PM

Agree w/previous post. 6030 w/Onkyo TX-NR818, no problems with standard (in-wall quality, non-Redmere) 50' hdmi - closing in on 100 hours. (And or try same HDMI on different display device maybe.)

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