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lbrown105's Avatar lbrown105 02:06 PM 11-18-2014
I am looking to create an immersive room experience where I can use projection to put images on two or three walls that will transform the room into a new environment. So imagine you walk into the room and you can make it look like it is snowing outside or autumn. You could also make it look like you are viewing the outside from a large glass window.

The issue is one wall is 19'x9' and the other is 14x9' and I cannot have the experience in a very dark room. People have to be able to have reasonable light and the image has to have reasonable resolution for the large walls. Also needs to be short throw so we do not create a lot of shadows on the walls with people standing. Ceiling height is 9' and will likely be acoustic ceiling tiles (black). I could be open to two projectors if needed. Budget is $8000 for projector(s). I plan on using the Sherwin Williams paint (spray appled) designed for projecting on.

jjcook's Avatar jjcook 02:41 PM 11-18-2014
Maybe a few used Runco LS100d which you can find for about $3k each, but each is only about 600(?) lumens so not tolerant of much light.
lbrown105's Avatar lbrown105 02:59 PM 11-18-2014
Is that because of the size image I am going for? I thought many projectors now had +2000 lumens.

Thx for your help
jjcook's Avatar jjcook 03:05 PM 11-18-2014
The LS100d uses a LED light source.

Actually I just ran into a thread for the Epson 485W which might suffice for you and has a lot of brightness: PowerLite 485W by Epson - Ultra Short Throw for bright T.V. anywhere.
lbrown105's Avatar lbrown105 08:52 PM 11-18-2014
thanks for the reco. I am going to have a local HT expert (NJ) come in and try out some projectors so we can see the result. I think this Epson should be on that list.

thanks again
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