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Shawn Kelly's Avatar Shawn Kelly 06:12 AM 04-16-2001
The modifications on the top/bottom parts did help the warpage quite a bit and so the process is encouraging. The problem is in the details. One of the features was "forgot" to be put in and those that were put in were a result of what they called "hand machining", so they are not yet precision. One was even not centered on the part. This was the result of five days work. Then I was informed that they made a company decision to take a long holiday weekend, so they are not starting on the side parts until today. It continuously appears the details are fixable, but there is the nagging reality that they either can not understand the job the first time or they are just lazy. For those who don't know the history, this is a subcontractor who was brought on by a general contractor. The general was let go in the last two months due to these delays, but the sub is under an arrangement which makes it a long backward step to pull the program.

The general concensus is that the details will get worked out with the current program. However, while I will do nothing to slow down this program I am now going ahead with a parallel effort in which these parts will be individually machined. Again, the current program will be forced as fast as possible. The machined product will cost about 20% more to manufacture and both programs have to be amortized over future operations, so I really hope the current program works out. It's just that, like you, I can not emotionally or, practically, as a business, continue to hope for "this week". We will now have a race between two competing models from two different manufacturing processes (and different vendors). It's going to take several days just to modify the design for machining and over all I'm budgeting three weeks before I can ship products via the machining approach, so it's not that this is a quick fix. I'll just feel better knowing that there is a fall-back (or forward) position.

Shawn Kelly
Cygnus Imaging
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Robert Payne's Avatar Robert Payne 06:20 AM 04-16-2001
Wow, you were Johnny-on-the-spot with this week's update, Shawn. As always, thanks for keeping us informed. Patience is a virtue, but it comes much easier for me when I know what is going on.



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RobertWood's Avatar RobertWood 06:57 AM 04-16-2001
Looks like PAP will win the $100 bet.

~~The Sultan of Cheap~~
JoeFloyd's Avatar JoeFloyd 07:30 AM 04-16-2001
Thanks for the update and continued efforts Shawn. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm pretty sure it's not a train.


Martin P's Avatar Martin P 08:56 AM 04-16-2001
Robert hit the nail on the head. It is good to have the update and the information ,although not what I was hoping for, makes sense. It is doubtful that having competition from another company will make the first sub do a better job. If they do not understand the project and are not ready to go the extra mile to make you happy they are probably starting to hope the project will just go away. You probably had this feeling yourself long ago. Anyway Shawn, this is the type of informed contact we appreciate and it looks as if I will take a deep breath and start hoping for a June 1st delivery. later
David Wallis's Avatar David Wallis 09:20 AM 04-16-2001
For those who wait "Just rewards will be their's" !
Thanks Shawn

kelliot's Avatar kelliot 09:54 AM 04-16-2001
I guess I read in to this that the 3 weeks is for the machined approach.

If the original contractor gets his act together, it may be less, is what I think I read, but it sounds like the prototype was disappointing.

In worst case, Shawn is saying about a month via the parallel/machined path.

At least that's what I think reading.

Ken Elliott
brian_vh's Avatar brian_vh 11:41 AM 04-16-2001
Shawn, Thanks for the weekly update.

Can you taken a minute and refresh our

Since you are obviously a perfectionist, and for good reason (optics), can you tell all of us who have been waiting for some time what these pieces you are struggling with do? I'm assuming they are the side panels that hold the prism together - which would seem pretty darn important that they are exact.

I bet that you can't wait until you are posting 'thank you' notes for everyone screaming how awesome this thing is.

Thanks, Brian

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Larry Davis's Avatar Larry Davis 03:45 PM 04-16-2001
Thanks for the update, Shawn. My attitude is, it gets here when it gets here. But every week brings it closer to reality.
Scott Gammans's Avatar Scott Gammans 04:58 PM 04-16-2001
If only Andy at would take a page from Shawn's book and provide more timely updates for his work in progress.

Scott Gammans
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CCLAY's Avatar CCLAY 08:08 PM 04-16-2001
O Kingship of Thrift,

The fat lady hasn't sung QUITE yet.

She is, however, in the building.

RobertWood's Avatar RobertWood 08:19 PM 04-16-2001

She's not only in the building but I fear she's just
left the dressing room and is now on her way to the stage.


~~The Sultan of Cheap~~

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smitty's Avatar smitty 10:17 PM 04-16-2001
Hang in there, Shawn. We know it must be frustrating to have to keep posting about more delays, but we appreciate the updates and the efforts you are putting in to make the product all it can be.
Shawn Kelly's Avatar Shawn Kelly 06:38 AM 04-17-2001
Thanks again for the continued support.

Brian, the primary issue is that while the grooves that hold/seal the glass components appear correct, there are enough minor warpages in the four parts that form the lens housing that, when assembled, there will be residual stresses on the grooves that the housing has to fight in maintaining optical alignment. Over an extended period this might cause a change in the performance as the housing slowly loses the battle. The secondary issue is like the feeling you'd have if the door of a new car didn't line up with the rest of car very well even though it was obviously designed that way. If there isn't quality in one area, what does it mean in the areas you can't see? This isn't to say that these parts can't be built, it's just that the vendor is not appreciating the level of quality required. I understand that we can't have things absolutely perfect, but these issues are far from splitting hairs at this point.

Shawn Kelly
Cygnus Imaging
rick e's Avatar rick e 11:56 AM 04-17-2001

I very much appreciate your concern over the quality and longevity of this product. Such concerns will only increases the value of this product in the market place. It really makes the $600 many of us paid look like the deal of the century. The increased costs will be born by those that buy at the final retail price. So those that are waiting better buy at the prerelese price before it goes to $1,999.99.
Thanks again rick

p.s Shawn just how many preorders did you receive from avs anyway. It would be great to know how much we helped.

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steve5097's Avatar steve5097 01:00 PM 04-17-2001
Is it still possible to put in an order and get one at something less than the final price? Is your first batch all sold, and if so, when might more be available?

Morbius's Avatar Morbius 01:46 PM 04-17-2001

If you go to the Cygnus website:

they are still advertising the Panamorph for the pre-production
price of $1,095.

That's where you can place an order for the Panamorph. From what
Shawn has said in the past - the in-production price of the Panamorph
is going to in the neighborhood of $2K if I recall correctly.


brian_vh's Avatar brian_vh 10:25 PM 04-17-2001

Thanks for the detailed explanation and your attention to detail. I can visualize the components your dealing with now and understand your frustration with the vendors as well.

Thanks again, Brian

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