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It's only been a week since arrival and I didn't realize how many hours this thing has been in use until I looked at the lamp clock. Better relegate my son's Nintendo Donkey Kong to tv only or I hope I can find replacement lamps at Costco!

In all fairness, we've watched a number of hours of hdtv, two Julia Robert's movies (Runaway Bride, Notting Hill), a number of DVD movies including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Gladiator, Terminator 2 and just finished Disney's Dinosaur! Once that movie-like image is up on the screen, it seems to draw everyone into the family room; a much more social and inclusive experience than listening to two channel stereo in the single chair "sweet spot".

Some initial observations: (I'm running a bare bones system right now with projector just out of the box, uncalibrated. My screen has alternated between a 4ft by 8ft sheet of foam backed poster board; total cost $23 and 3 yards of black out curtain tacked to 1X2's at top and bottom which gives a larger 96 inch by 56 inch screen. I think the maximum size screen I will need will be 8-9 ft wide. I'm not fond of vertigo. I'm just using 2 channel PA speakers with a 500 watt Crown K2 amp and a $300 Sony DVD player for DVD's via S-VHS cable. The RCA DTC 100 is connected via component Monster RGB cable.)

1) Set-up has been a snap for basic operation (After William Phelps told me that I needed to connect all 5 components, not just R,G and B but also Y and X up. I have the projector 18 ft against a rear wall on top of a record shelf. I'm finding the picture is easy to zoom for larger but gets too tall before it gets wider to get the 16X9 proper proportion. The biggest screen image, I've gotten is the 96 inch wide one.

2) Picture quality has been very good. Outstanding with hdtv. Good with DVD's. Poor with some DVD's. Tolerable with NTSC broadcast. What's with this internal scaler? On Terminator 2 for instance, it looks like a NTSC broadcast; like a big screen you'd see at a sport's bar; poor focus and detail. On other DVD's (Dinosaur, Gladiator) close-ups can look very good with excellent detail and contrast but panoramas are lacking in both clarity and resolution. All-in all, I see the potential

3) HDTV is outstanding. As my 9 year old son said last night while watching a live Bruce Springsteen concert, "Daddy, you can really see how much they sweat, can't you!"

4) I thought the contrast and black level was quite good until at the credit section of Dinosaur's, I held my hand up and saw how black my shadow was in comparison to the very dark gray of the screen background. Another noticeable thing is the amount of stray light projected, almost like someone in a movie theater shining a flashlight from behind you and lighting up the screen and it's perimeter.

Well, that's my report so far:

Highs: easy set-up, able to watch in fairly light room during day, natural coloration, outstanding detail with hdtv, best is yet to come

Lows: fairly noisey, complete satisfaction with DVD viewing will hopefully be obtained with htpc, more tweaks ($) to come (hushbox, better screen, calibration), eye on the clock (lamp time)

Will I keep this thing or just jump to one of Tim's EH9500s or a Sony G90? You noticed that I haven't ordered my Grayhawk yet and therefore I'm keeping my options open. Next step is to order/build a htpc which will hopefully help me answer this question. I'll give another report when the htpc is online.

Joe Andresen
Palo Alto, CA
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I too am a G11 newbie. I've got probably 50 hours on mine, no mods, just stock out of the box. I'm projecting onto an 8' 4:3 Draper screen.

You should definitely be able to improve your DVD viewing. When I first installed my projector, I was using a standard S-Video SONY. The picture was OK, as you said, but even my wife (not a cheap shot there, she loves the Home Theatre) noticed the motion artifacts. First I tried the Pioneer 434, but was still not impressed. Finally, I settled on the JVC 723 Progressive Scan DVD player. Ah, much better.

If you're already set on HTPC, then charge on! Otherwise, you may want to consider the benefits of a good progressive scan option. I see Circuit City is now selling my JVC 723 for $200 less than I paid 3 months ago:rolleys:

Anyway, I'll be curious to see how you come out and whether you decide to use any mods, or Dilard, etc.

By the way, do you use the DTC-100 for normal DirectTV viewing also? How's it look?

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Your observations are interesting. I also just set up a low hour (130) G11 a week ago. Have put about 18 hours on it between setup and watching HDTV on my Dish Net HD6000 receiver. The HD image is truly impressive in HD.

I find the NTSC and DVD images, not worth using the projector bulb on. I have ordered a Crystal Image scaler which I hope to have by the end of the week. Also ordered and received a 40’ RGB cable which I installed last night.

I am projecting on a 3 X 4, 100" 1.0 gain screen. Down the road my look into a motorized Grayhawk.

I also ordered the "Avia Guide to Home theater" DVD that I will be using to fine tune the projector. I’ll see how that works initially and maybe get it calibrated later $$$. This is the last projector that I plan to purchase (WAF) for quite some time.

The plans are already drawn for my hush box which I may start on this week end. I have a high end HT audio system and can’t live with the noise. It’s unfortunate that life is full of compromises but I am willing to go through the extra effort to quiet the unit down , considering the great picture it produces. The $700 price tag for the bulb also makes me a bit more selective on what I watch, compared to having viewed everything on my previous Sharp LCD projector.

Good luck with your G11 and enjoy.

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