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Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP

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04-21-2001 | Posts: 235
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I was curious as to how long a projector could last before it might ever become unfunctional. Since there really isn't any maintenance on digital projectors other than switching the lamp every few thousand hours, could a projector ideally last forever? (Assuming nothing breaks?)

How long do you think an out-of-warranty projector could last? I would think that if it did not have any problems the first two years or so, it should be problem-free for much longer than that. I had heard that with most electronic parts, if it does not break for the first thirty days, most likely the equipment will last many years.
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04-22-2001 | Posts: 590
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I think that the limiting factors will be the power supply and related fans breaking down long before the mirror assemblys start to fail.

I bet it wont be worth fixing any problem 4 or 5 years down the road because of changes in price and technology.

Maybe new projectors will have no bulbs and use a different process such as lcd clusters to make the light.

We are on the verge of revolution in light bulbs

Just my thoughts

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It depends on the kind of projector. For example, the color wheel in a DLP is very much a mechanical part and a pretty fast moving one at that. How long will the motor and bearings last?

If an LCD projector doesn't have stuck pixels, will it develop them over time? How fast?

I agree the purely electronic and static mechanical parts (such as the lens) should last a very long time, just like with computers. But the chips themselves and some of the other parts are mechanical moving items, so they may not last as long. Which brings up an interesting question: How long will parts be available for these projectors?

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