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davidylyl's Avatar davidylyl 01:12 PM 04-22-2001

I recently got the firmware upgrade on my VT540, making it a VT540K. (Actually NEC just replaced mine with one that had the firmware in place. This gave me a unit with 0 hours on the bulb. Thanks NEC!)

I was curious as to the differences between the VT540 and the VT540K so I emailed NEC support. This is the response:

“The differences between the VT440/540 & the VT440K/540K are:
Firmware change to support UXGA (vertical scan frequency increased from 117Hz. to 120Hz.)
Firmware change of keystone range from +/-30 degrees to +45/-15 degrees
Aspect ratio button added to remote control
soft cases shipped with unit
RGB (VGA) cable changed to slim-line version
MAC adapter no longer included in boxâ€

SpoonMan's Avatar SpoonMan 06:02 PM 04-22-2001
I too got a hold of a VT540K. I was told that there was a fix to the projector correctly recognizing component input. I did not ask what exactly this meant, but I assumed it meant you don't have to clip the pins on the RGB cable being used to transport the signal from a component source (we originally had to clip all the unused pins on the cable between the DVDO line doubler and the projector, in order for the projector to correcly recognize the input as component).

The aspect ratio button on the remote was a great upgrade, also ... no more going 3 deep in the menu to switch this!

Scott Gammans's Avatar Scott Gammans 06:23 PM 04-22-2001
Mr. Spoon:

No, the component input firmware fix only addresses a "tearing" problem with progressive scan input from a DVD player (something to do with Macrovision copy protection, IIRC).

Scott Gammans
Another satisfied NEC VT540 owner
The Scooterplex Cinema 1
dbldare's Avatar dbldare 10:14 PM 04-22-2001

I guess mine is the "Special K" version too!! Cool! I didn't even know that there was such a thing!! I got mine about three weeks ago and it was brand new!! Thanks for the info!!!


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