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bpaulsen's Avatar bpaulsen 02:13 PM 04-23-2001
I've got the wife convinced that a big screen is a great idea... Don't ask how, because I'm not sure how I did it. One night I suggested getting a big screen TV and she said, "Sure, how much?" When I told her that the Sony VH10HT was about $5000 and the G15 was about $10K, she said to get whichever I thought was best!

Now, here's the question. I've got a finished basement that has an 8' drop ceiling. The room that I would put it in is about 13' x 25' and I would like to have the screen at one end, and the projector 25 feet away.

Given that my two choices are the Sony and the JVC, the screen that seems best is the Greyhawk. If the screen height is big enough, I may have to use a microperf screen and put the speakers behind it. Can the Sony still put out a bright enough picture? I would like a minimum screen width of 8 feet.

Also, given the dimensions that I described, do you think that I would have a problem with the picture being obscured by the seats? Perhaps I should be mounting the projector closer to the screen?

Thanks for any help,

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Ron Fabienke's Avatar Ron Fabienke 04:31 PM 04-23-2001
Where'd you find the wife?
woodworker's Avatar woodworker 06:05 AM 04-24-2001

Your room dimensions and setup are eerily similar to mine! I have a basement with a 7.5 foot drop ceiling, room dimensions almost identical to yours and a very supportive wife.

I'm using a G11 with a throw distance of about 20 feet and screen size of 100"x56", driven by a radeon equiped HTPC. Check out my setup at www.woodht.homestead.com. It should give you a rough idea of what this setup can look like.

I couldn't be happier with the results. If you have more specific questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Good luck!

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