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I was just at a local HT shop that had the new PLV-60. Two reps from Sanyo was there running the demos. They were playing the Dinosour DVD on the PLV-60 and it looked pretty good. The screen was 2,1 M wide (about 7 f.) and 1.0 gain. The good points was that I could no screen-door effect, or any pixels at all from my seating position, about 4 M from the screen. the fill was really good. Brightness was very good, and the internal scaler seemed to be working very well also. I saw no artifact caused by it. The projector was pretty quiet, when there was sound playing I couldn't hear the proj, even though it wasn't that far from the seating position. Ofcourse when turning down the sound you could hear it, but it was quiet.

And now for the not so great part. As usual with LCD black wasn't black, it was grey. You could see it the most when there was a fade to black and the screen was supposed to be dark, it looked like there was still light shining on the screen. Like you see in a theater when they put the exit lights to close to the screen.

Another thing that wasn't so hot was the color. It was pretty grey looking. I don't know how much of this was the Dinosour movie (having not seen it before). But the color definitly did not jump out at you. Things could probably get better with a grey screen and some more tweeking, it's got 10-bit gamma correction. But since the demo was held by guys from Sanyo I would think they would set it up correctly.

All in all it looked good, I could definitly live the PLV-60. But I don't think I would buy it. Having seen the Seleco HT-200, I think I rather have that one for it's color and black level. But there are good points and bad points with all projectors. I very much liked the added resoultion of the PLV-60.

They also demoed the PLC-30 in the next room, it's a 4:3 800x600 model which claims to have a contrast ratio of 400:1. It was very interesting comparing the two. First of all the screen-door was very noticeable on the PLC-30. The difference was so big, it must be more then the resoultion. The fill was nowhere near the PLV-60. I was very far back and could still see pixels.

Another interesting thing was comparing the black level. On the PLC-30, black was blacker. But when there was a dark area it all went dark and basicly all detail was lost. It was very distacting. I would not enjoy owning the PLC-30. On this one they showed MI:2 and Gladiator.

On the PLV-60 you can also get it with either a short-throw or a long-throw lens. Depending on your setup. Very good.

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Current demo units of the PLV60 are prototypes.

Thumper is still waiting on his because the actual production units have been delayed a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the review.

Mr. Wigggles

The Mothership is now boarding.

The Mothership is now boarding.
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Some comments on black level.

I haven't seen an LCD that didn't benefit from a gray screen.

Also fade to blacks don't always fade all the way to black.

Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott
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