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jmrobbins's Avatar jmrobbins 05:56 AM 04-30-2001
I was finally able to borrow our 800x600 pixel LP425 this weekend to see just how good a SVGA projector would be for DVD's. I was completely satisfied with the resolution of the LP425 and I had to really jerk my head to see rainbow effects( just not a problem for me). Since I can not bring home a LP350, I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare the two or simular projectors. The colors on the LP425 are not very good, seeming mostly dull and muted. The light output is 900 Lumens. I have heard the LP340 colors are much better and the light output of 1300 lumens should be quite a difference. My screen was a 4x8 foot fiber board painted white. I fed the projector from a laptop.
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abigpicture's Avatar abigpicture 06:08 AM 04-30-2001
The 425 is much noisier, has half the lamp life, and has an average internal scaler as compared to the LP340.

The lp340 is vastly superior to the 425.

rickfritz's Avatar rickfritz 05:46 PM 04-30-2001
If you like the 425 you will love the 340. Better colors, much better scaler, much quieter, and brighter.
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