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TSO's Avatar TSO 11:06 AM 04-24-2001
Sorry, Allen....

I will repost in the classifieds. HOWEVER...I would love responses to the question about one stuck pixel. I've owned a Philips projector for three years that I bought with very little knowledge. It was great, with NO stuck pixels. I'm now upgrading, and all I hear about in the lower-end market are the "stuck pixel blues". Do most of you live with them, or can I hope for better?
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TSO's Avatar TSO 10:36 PM 04-24-2001
Just though I'd pass along a potential deal to somebody here on the forum. I purchased a VT540 over the net, that, upon inspection, has one stuck blue pixel about 2 feet right of center on an 8 foot screen. It was purchased on approval and I refused it. However, the seller has made another offer after my initial refusal which is hard to pass up, but I think I will. If you are interested in a VT540 in perfect working order except for the one blue pixel (and several other small pixel imperfections which can't be seen from the viewing distance), just drop me an email and I can give you more info. The projector is used, low bulb hours, but of course no warranty. I've been watching it the last 10 days - its great, and VERY easy to use and set-up, if it weren't for that one stinkin', blue.....

If this should have been on the classifieds, please let me know. To be honest, I was hoping to see what the forum reaction to ONE stuck pixel was. Is it pretty common? Or can I hope for better by paying more?
Hammerman's Avatar Hammerman 10:51 PM 04-24-2001
You've got mail.

D. Dolby
Alan Gouger's Avatar Alan Gouger 10:51 PM 04-24-2001
Anything sales related please post to the clessified section only!

Thanks Very Much!

Alan Gouger
AV Science
HTbuff's Avatar HTbuff 07:30 AM 04-25-2001
I just ordered my NEC VT540K factory new for $3100,
this includes a fullsize remote too!

I'll report back soon about streaking or dead pixels.

PS- the "K" suffix means that it has the new firmware and the creditcard remote has a new button for aspect ratio selection.
HTbuff's Avatar HTbuff 07:57 AM 05-07-2001
OK, I've got it setup with both a beige bed sheet pinned to the wall, and now just completed my "hard screen" out of 1/4" Lauan plywood.
It's got about 5 coats of Zinsser water-based primer/sealer sprayed on.
The sheen is perfect for screen so I may not even spray anything else over it. Maybe later.
One dead pixel in the upper right quadrant. (Oops, when ceiling mounted that will be lower left quad)
The pixel is green, but it doesn't matter,take a sticky-note and color it with black magic marker. Now cut out a tiny piece of the blackened sticky note and place it where the dead pixel is.
Like magic the dead pixel vanishes away!!!!!!
If the projector or screen is moved, the "sticknote pixel dampener" can be moved.

I used S-Video input from DishNetwork satellite.
I used Component (interlaced) from Pioneer 414 DVD player.
Noticed no streaking whatsoever.
After adjusting everything with "Video Essentials", I had to do it all over again for the S-Video input. This is nice because the settings for the sat needed to be tweaked differently than from my DVD player.
The green from this projector is very strong.
The manual recommends Gamma-Natural-1 for S-video and Natural-2 for component. Works for me.
I use the Economy setting for light output, at Full brightness it hurts my eyes with a bright or white scene. But the light output is not very different between the two settings anyway.
I'm almost finished welding my own ceiling mount.
More info later.
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