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buialat's Avatar buialat 06:37 AM 05-02-2001
I experienced the rainbow effect, but only by moving my eyes or head quickly through the screen.
Do any of you see this effect by focusing on only one spot or by simply watching an image ??
Thank you

smitty's Avatar smitty 11:27 AM 05-02-2001
I've also seen it without actively trying to see it just by watching a movie. I've also seen it quite readily with the DVD in pause mode. The proposition that you can entirely avoid the rainbow effect just by watching the movie and not moving your eyes around rapidly is false, assuming you have a certain sensitivity to the effect. If you are not that sensitive, you might not see it unless you actively look for it or use certain "tricks" to see it. Others who are even less sensitive my not see it no matter how hard they try.
David Wallis's Avatar David Wallis 12:15 PM 05-02-2001
The strange part is some see it and yet some do not. I was talking with my dealer today about some audio upgrades and he said the same thing, "he can not see it" but he did say others walk straight in and bang they see it bad.

I tested the infamous chapter 21 on Gladiator and made a special attempt by bringing in the wife,kids and her brother (he brought back my disc). No one saw the rainbow effect even though I tried to force the issue by cranking the brightness and contrast.

Its an bad issue if you see it.
Thankfully I do not see it on my Dlp.

hhawk's Avatar hhawk 01:55 PM 05-02-2001
I am also fortunate as I only see it when I look down to grab some popcorn then look back at the screen. If I went on a diet I guess everything would be perfect!
RobertWood's Avatar RobertWood 02:52 PM 05-02-2001
For a long time I thought I was one of those could not see it.
I had been through four different DLP projectors and had never
noticed it.
Then one day while using the fourth projector someone pointed it out to me and sure enough I saw it. And then started seeing it routinely.
Now I've seen it with two other DLP projectors belonging to others. I'm now thinking that if I still had the first three projectors I might
be seeing it with one or more of those too. Just never noticed
it when I owned them.

Bob Wood

~~The Sultan of Cheap~~
Grant Smyth's Avatar Grant Smyth 08:41 PM 05-02-2001
When I first started looking at projectors - DLP and LCDs, I never noticed motion artifacts. I then read an article by Tom Norton where he described problems with a certain projector and listed the chapters and scenes. I checked these out and sure enough I saw what he was taking about. I then bought a projector that handled these particular scenes quite well, but didn't realize that they were just the tip of the iceberg. Now I am extremely sensitive to motion artifacts and really can't enjoy a movie unless I can bypass the internal scaling of the projector. Don't get me wrong - I still see some problems even with a good HTPC, but the improvement is so dramatic that it is really nothing to complain about.

I asked my son to look for the rainbow artifact during Gladiator. He looked for it and did see it a couple of times. This was with the LT150 and my HTPC - lots of contrast and a very dark room. He said he would never of noticed it if I hadn't asked him to look for it and that it was so infrequent that it wasn't distracting - who knows though, perhaps I've ruined DLPs for him. I wish I had hooked up the DVD player and run an interlaced signal for him to watch.

I think we may be able to throw age into the brew. I am begining to think that the older you are the less sensitive you will be to this problem - generally speaking of course. No doubt this may be why I don't see it - so there might be one positive about getting older - look ma no rainbow! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
(of course there will always be some old fogey who will claim he sees it even after the projector has been turned off!)


Grant Smyth

wesc's Avatar wesc 02:09 AM 05-04-2001
I see it more when I am tired, or...hungover...

Gary Lightfoot's Avatar Gary Lightfoot 01:50 PM 05-07-2001
Same here - I never knew about 'The Rainbow Effect' or black level problems until I cam here...

Fortunately, neither of them are an issue to me with my set-up, probably because I'm one of those people who doesn't see the rainbow, and I don't notice the black not being black.

But I do find myself looking for them now though...
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