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ham's Avatar ham 07:01 PM 05-07-2001
I am ordering new cables for my expected video processor and would like a small bit of advice. I have a run of 25 ft and can either go with the skinny digital cables or the fat RG 6.

In both cases these would be Canare with 75ohm connectors.

I am planning to use a Rock and DILA.

Does anyone have an opinion? My guess is that at 25 ft either way is OK.



damon's Avatar damon 10:07 PM 05-07-2001
I have a similar set up , but utilize "skinny" cabling for the long run to the rock & then something more substantial in the "post" processing stage. Does your set up allow for the processor to be closer to the projector? Just a thought, Mark
MrWigggles's Avatar MrWigggles 10:49 PM 05-07-2001

Thumper has done many installs using shielded CAT5E ethernet cable with HD-15 connectors on the ends. Yes you read that correctly

He has done them at up to 50 feet at SXGA resolution with very very little ghosting.

The 10pF/foot of the ethernet cable helps to make up for any impedance mismatch that might exist.

Good luck,

-Mr. Wigggles

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