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Jeff Smith 05-19-2001 08:17 AM

Many of you have had DILA's for a few years now, has anyone developed any NEW dead pixels, or are they usually only found right from the start?

Currently - Zenith 7" CRT, 80x60 1.3 gain screen

Soon to be - 107x60 1.3 gain...with ?Seleco 250 with Panamorph or "cheap" 9" CRT

woodworker 05-19-2001 10:15 AM

I have one pixel stuck on cyan. It actually did occur at 93 hours (I've had my G11 since it was new). I did extensive critical testing in the first 50 hours and it was definitely not there.

I spoke with Tom Stites (JVC rep at the time) and Dennis Sheppard (at MVS where I got the DILA) and they offered to replace it free of charge. It did not bother me at all so I chose not to replace it. At 525 hours now, it still does not bother me.

No changed pixels since then...


Mark Hoy 05-19-2001 11:18 AM

800+ hours on a G1000 with no dead pixels, (at least that
I've seen).

Frank 05-19-2001 11:35 AM

Two G10s and a G20 show no dead pixels that I can see but then, I'm not looking for them.


Vlubbers 05-19-2001 09:06 PM

I have a few (4 or so) scattered about. I have 856 hours on the lamp. I have been bothered by the pixels for just under 2.6578 seconds during those hours. Pretty close to a non-problem.

JSC 05-19-2001 09:22 PM

If a lose some pixels, I probably wouldn't notice them too much if they went OFF. If they stayed ON, that would drive me bananas. One person has reported a single late developing stuck ON pixel. I haven't read any other incidences, so hopefully it was an isolated event.
When I got it, my G10 clone with ~300 hrs had 2 stuck off pixels out of 4,193,280. Not too shabby. So far, no more have died after an additional 250+ hrs.
If the Disney projectors are looking good after their extended use, I'm sure home users will be fine for quite some time.

[This message has been edited by JSC (edited 05-19-2001).]

Mark Hunter 05-19-2001 09:28 PM

I think that most of them are there from the start, if they exist.

My report: 0 bad on delivery, 0 bad after 300+ hours of use.

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