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05-21-2001 | Posts: 278
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On my LP340, I would like to feed it both and SVideo signal directly from my DVD player as well as a composite signal from my receiver. With this setup, I can watch both DVD's as well as other non-svideo sources (my digital cable box, VCR, etc). The LP340 does not seem to have any sort of setting as to which port to use an an input source, it simply selects whichever port has a signal coming into it.

Is there a way to force the unit to use one input over the other? Does it always choose the S-Video source over the composite source? I suppose that if the DVD player is off that the projector will switch over to composite?

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05-21-2001 | Posts: 209
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Ryan, I don't think you can force it to use one over another when feeding both composite and S-Video simultaneously. I suspect the LP340 works like the LP350, and selects whatever is on. Mine does not show preference for one input or the other, and simply uses whatever was on first. For example, the projector will continue to use composite if you turn on the DVD player feeding S-Video. Then if the composite source is switched off, it automatically syncs the S-Video source. I find this pretty convenient really, since whatever I turn on/off with the remote (DVD player or VCR) is what I automatically get.

- Infocus LP350
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