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reio-ta's Avatar reio-ta 09:11 PM 10-21-2007
Originally Posted by Ericglo View Post

Well, the Pearl is last years model. The BP is the new model and has a MSRP of $5495. That is a $1500 difference in favor of the Panny. I thought the Sanyo MSRP was around $2700. Yes the Panny is more expensive than the Sanyo, but according to Cine4home it has better color accuracy. There are a lot of reasons why people buy different products. Price may be the biggest, but it isn't the only one.

As for the color chart on the Cine4home review, I can't tell if that is HD or SD. I am glad you referenced this review, because while I appreciate your review judging accuracy by eye is very difficult.

I know for sure Color1 is REC 709, so that's for DVD and HD encodings. I'm not 100% sure, but I think Color2 is for REC 601, SD DTV.

Where did you get the Black Pearl is $5,495 MSRP? Even Sony itself sells the BP for $4,999.99.

Ericglo's Avatar Ericglo 09:20 PM 10-21-2007
I got the BP price from Jason's review.
WiggleBomb's Avatar WiggleBomb 11:19 PM 10-21-2007
I've got one. I love it!
Eternal_Sunshine's Avatar Eternal_Sunshine 05:12 AM 10-22-2007
Originally Posted by WiggleBomb View Post

I've got one. I love it!

We need way more info than that! And pictures!
Wet1's Avatar Wet1 05:18 AM 10-22-2007
Originally Posted by WiggleBomb View Post

I've got one. I love it!

Please tell us more.

I also notice you're a new member and all four of your posts were done within 2 minutes of each other. Almost like a hit and run...

arefog's Avatar arefog 04:25 PM 10-22-2007
Hey reio-ta, good info on the Color 1 and Color 2. I always wondered what the distinction was and Panasonic doesn't really provide much info on Color 2. Your educated guess makes sense. Maybe the manual for the 2000 will be more comprehensive than the one for the 1000.

Dick Fogg
krasmuzik's Avatar krasmuzik 04:37 PM 10-22-2007
On the AE1000 Color2 is not less saturated than Color1 it is more - which would be the case if it was SD gamut rather than HD - so did they add the SMPTE-C gamut getting rid of a candy colored one?
RobZ's Avatar RobZ 07:57 PM 10-22-2007
Based upon Projectorcentral's review of the VW60, the Panny is king and the VW60 and RS1 are in exile somewhere.
GrantMeThePower's Avatar GrantMeThePower 09:13 PM 10-22-2007
Originally Posted by RobZ View Post

Based upon Projectorcentral's review of the VW60, the Panny is king and the VW60 and RS1 are in exile somewhere.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that.

The review did make it sounds like the AE2000 is better than the VW60. but I didn't get the impression that he thought the panny is better than the JVC.

he did say that the sanyo and the sony vw60 were about equal.
paradigm's Avatar paradigm 10:16 PM 10-22-2007
It looks to me that he really likes the AE2000. The points about sharpness/clarity gets me excited as well as being closer to the RS1 for black level. Not sure what to make of color accuracy since the RS1 doesn't seem to produce accurate color.

From Proj Cen:
Another highly competitive unit will be the Panasonic AE2000, which will hit the market momentarily. Like the RS1, this projector outperforms the VW60 in actual image quality. Its advantages over the VW60 are similar to those of the RS1—better color accuracy, deeper blacks and overall longer dynamic range in any given scene. The AE2000 does not quite match the RS1 in dynamic range. However, there is an impressive incremental clarity to the AE2000's image that becomes obvious when they are viewed side by side. The sharpness and clarity of the image is one of the AE2000's strongest assets, and in this particular regard it has an advantage over both the VW60 and the RS1.
MattGuyOR's Avatar MattGuyOR 12:34 AM 10-23-2007
Originally Posted by reio-ta View Post

What kind of screen do you have? Maker, gain and model, etc. Is your room a bat cave with black walls with no reflections?

I have a 100" Carada BW 1.4 gain. Not a bat cave yet, but the windows are completely covered and I'm planning on either painting half the room a very matte black, or using some material on the walls.
Wet1's Avatar Wet1 06:56 AM 10-23-2007
While I very much look forward to learning more about this new Panny, I find little value in PC reviews or comparisons based on their history.

Does anyone else find it strange that a price hasn't been set on this PJ, yet it's scheduled for release very soon?
Ohlson's Avatar Ohlson 08:01 AM 10-23-2007
I have read about a price in Sweden that is really attractive. Sony ended their cycle of better and cheaper with vw60. Many companies are doing the same thing. It could be that ae2000 will be better and cheaper than ae1000.
elmalloc's Avatar elmalloc 08:06 AM 10-23-2007
The AX200 was released, better and cheaper, than the AX100...
Wet1's Avatar Wet1 08:08 AM 10-23-2007
Let's hope the ae2000 is better and cheaper as well. If so, Panny will make a killing on this PJ based on the early feedback of its PQ.
DB2's Avatar DB2 08:09 AM 10-23-2007
Wow, that is certainly a glowing review from Projector Central.

...oh and the street price is out.
HoustonHoyaFan's Avatar HoustonHoyaFan 08:19 AM 10-23-2007
Originally Posted by paradigm View Post

... The points about sharpness/clarity gets me excited as well as being closer to the RS1 for black level. Not sure what to make of color accuracy since the RS1 doesn't seem to produce accurate color...

The typical PC "review" confusion.
Brajesh's Avatar Brajesh 08:26 AM 10-23-2007

...oh and the street price is out.

What is it? Thanks.
nats24's Avatar nats24 09:19 AM 10-23-2007
Street price is out on one website listed by PC. Let's put it this way. The projector doesn't belong in this forum.
mjcumming's Avatar mjcumming 09:22 AM 10-23-2007
I preordered the AE2000 and have been told it will be shipping out to me on this Friday
DB2's Avatar DB2 09:24 AM 10-23-2007
Originally Posted by nats24 View Post

Street price is out on one website listed by PC. Let's put it this way. The projector doesn't belong in this forum.

I'm not sure if we know the MSRP yet on the AE2000 so it still may belong in this forum. The website you're talking about advertises on AVS Forum so it should be ok to mention,
rsprance's Avatar rsprance 09:25 AM 10-23-2007
$ 2699.... you just need to POINT to where you can buy a PROJECTOR
EMAGDNIM's Avatar EMAGDNIM 09:32 AM 10-23-2007
WOW!!! I just found the link and all I can say is that I'm speechless...I don't know what other companies are going to do but that price is just insane...
Aldyrin's Avatar Aldyrin 09:34 AM 10-23-2007
Any chance of a power-buy on this guy? I think a few people might be interested
Wet1's Avatar Wet1 09:38 AM 10-23-2007
Originally Posted by Aldyrin View Post

Any chance of a power-buy on this guy? I think a few people might be interested

Agreed, if it's cheap enough I might buy two.
eliocon's Avatar eliocon 09:40 AM 10-23-2007
Originally Posted by MattGuyOR View Post

I have a 100" Carada BW 1.4 gain. Not a bat cave yet, but the windows are completely covered and I'm planning on either painting half the room a very matte black, or using some material on the walls.

I just redid my room with the really inexpensive navy blue velvet drapes I found at I spent less than 200 bucks and I have velvet walls!! Total batcave now. Makes me see the limitations of my AX100. Looks like it's the AE2000 for me when it becones available.
Wet1's Avatar Wet1 09:52 AM 10-23-2007
PT-AE2000U Overview
The new PT-AE2000U model is the next evolution of its predecessor, the PT-AE1000U, which has been widely accepted and used to display professional movies. The new projector reproduces the original picture quality intended by Hollywood movie and television directors - all within the comfort of consumers' home theaters.

The PT-AE2000U model comes equipped with Panasonic's new optical system that's designed to display beautifully detailed images with a captivating brightness of 1,500 lumens. Careful craftsmanship is incorporated into each individual optical system by highly skilled technicians to fully optimize the image for full high definition (HD) resolution. The projector's new Detail Clarity Processor analyzes frequency characteristics of each frame in three dimensions (horizontal, vertical, and along the time axis) and applies necessary sharpness at varying degrees to create natural, life-like images with exceptional clarity.

High-Precision Optical System
High, 16,000:1 Contrast Ratio and 1,500 Lumen Brightness
Almost all the key components in the optical system have been renewed to unleash the beauty of full-HD expression with an outstanding contrast ratio of 16,000:1 and brightness of 1,500 lumens.

Carefully Tuned Lens System for Maximum Full-HD Performance
To assure maximum clarity in full-HD images, the PT-AE2000 employs a new full-HD-compatible lens unit comprising 16 lens elements in 12 groups, including two large-diameter spherical lenses and two high-performance ED (extra-low dispersion) lenses.

Each lens is carefully aligned by highly skilled technicians to assure a uniform focusing balance from the center to the edges of the screen. The resulting high-quality images are clear and free of distortion and color bleeding.

Next-Generation Full-HD LCD Panels
The new next-generation full-HD LCD panels* use vertically aligned liquid crystal molecules with inorganic alignment layers. When no voltage is applied, the molecules are aligned perpendicular to the glass substrate, so there is no light leakage and the substrate remains black (called “normally black” operation). In addition, the polarization filter system has been redesigned to provide higher contrast.

Dynamic Iris Designed for Full-HD
The Dynamic Iris helps provide the deeper, richer blacks you need for true-to-life images. This system works by analyzing histograms to determine the brightness level of each image, then adjusting the lamp power, iris and gamma curve* accordingly to create the ideal image. The adjustments are made 60 times every second. In the PT-AE2000 we doubled the control speed pattern to further improve response and stability. This helps the projector achieve a wide dynamic range with swift smoothness for added beauty in both dark and bright scenes.

Smooth Screen Technology
Panasonic’s Smooth Screen technology uses crystal double refraction to arrange pixels on a screen without gaps between them. The new Smooth Screen is optimized specifically to match the characteristic of PT-AE2000's optical system, giving you the kind of smooth, vivid, and three-dimensional-like images you see in a movie theater.

Pure Color Filter Pro
This optical filter optimizes the light spectrum from the UHM projector lamp, helping to produce deeper blacks while improving purity levels in the three primary colors (red, green and blue). This advanced filter system improves color purity to such an extent that the color gamut is expanded to approximately match the level specified by the digital cinema industry.* This gives images the deep, rich coloring that distinguishes movie images.

Powerful Digital Processing Engine
Detail Clarity Processor
The PT-AE2000 introduces a powerful new digital image processing circuit, called the Detail Clarity Processor. This function analyzes the frequency of the video signal in each scene and extracts information on the distribution of the high-, medium-, and low frequency image components. It then applies appropriate sharpness to each portion of the image based on the extracted information. This brings greater clarity and sharpness to details, by reproducing fine nuances that were lost due to image compression. The resulting images have a more natural, lifelike expression than those of previous image-processing methods.

Max. 16-Bit Digital Processing
he PT-AE2000 handles up to 16-bit digital image processing. Providing four times the gradation of our previous model, this circuit faithfully reproduces even subtle hues and brightness variations to bring out extremely fine image texture and depth.

New Waveform Monitor
The PT-AE2000 gives home consumers a projector with a waveform monitor similar to that used by professionals. This function displays waveforms to show how the PT-AE2000 has adjusted the images of the input signals sent from the source device. In cases where the output level of the source device fluctuates, you can view the waveform on the screen and adjust the image brightness and contrast to match standard levels. Once you have the gray scale and the waveform monitor displayed, you can press the “DEFAULT” button to automatically adjust the balance of the input signals to optimal levels. Further adjustments can be made manually while viewing the waveform monitor as a guideline.

Split Adjust Mode
You can freeze any scene you wish, and then make adjustments while easily comparing the original image and the adjusted image side-by-side.

Cinema Color Management
This is an innovative color correction system that enables free color control. You can adjust one color without affecting the neighboring colors, so it is easier to get just the right color equalization in hue, luminance and saturation.

Scene-adaptive Resizing LSI
The PT-AE2000 converts pixels according to the characteristics of the on-screen image and adjacent pixels. This not only improves image sharpness and reduces noise, it also helps create beautifully enlarged images from 480p sources, so you enjoy superb picture quality when viewing DVDs from your home collection.

Scene-adaptive Noise Reduction
3D Noise Reduction:
A newly developed 3D noise reduction circuit is incorporated. The new circuit achieves clear, low-noise images from all types of input sources and scene types.

MPEG Noise Reduction:
This system detects the amount of change in the input signal from one scene to the next and calculates the amount of noise to remove accordingly, minimizing both block noise and mosquito noise.

Selectable Frame Response
A new function has been added that reduces the time from when the video signal is first input until it is projected (referred to as frame delay) to approximately 1/3 that of our previous projectors. The projector can be switched from Normal mode to High-Speed mode. High-Speed mode is recommended for video game use.

24p compatible
Direct playback of 24 fps (frames per second) progressive video signals suppresses noise and optimizes the natural film quality of movies.

Progressive Cinema Scan (3/2 Pull Down) and HD IP
This automatically detects when the DCI input signal is derived from filmed material. HD IP enables the PT-AE2000 to convert signals recorded at a higher quality than was possible with conventional models.

Flexible Installation, Easy Operation

A Stylish Lens-Centered Design
The PT-AE2000 features a symmetrical design with a centered lens and a high-grade finish that suggests quality. Also available is an optional cable cover (ET-PCE2000) that extends the projector’s symmetrical design concept and conceals the connection cables.

Versatile Input Interfaces
The PT-AE2000 has three HDMI input terminals for digital transmission without image degradation, and two component input terminals. The HDMI input terminals also support the wide color reproduction capability of the new HDMI version 1.3a xvYCC* standard.

2x Optical Power Zoom/Focus and Wide Lens Shift Range
A 2x optical power zoom/focus lens and a lens shift function together make it possible to project a 120-inch picture from as close as 11´10˝ (3.6 m) to the screen or as far as 23´7˝ (7.2 m) away. In addition, the image can be shifted ±100% vertically, and ±40% horizontally. This gives you outstanding setup flexibility. If you choose to ceiling-mount the projector, you can zoom and focus by a remote control.

Learning Remote Control with Function Buttons
The universal "learning" remote can be used to control multiple devices in your home theater, such as your BD player, DVD player, AV amplifier and other components. You can also use the three function buttons to assign direct shortcuts to functions you frequently use. Shortcuts to direct input codes, individual picture modes, off-timer and other features can be assigned to allow operations that were not possible before, such as going directly from Cinema 1 to Normal picture mode.

User Memory Customization
Up to sixteen sets of adjustment settings can be stored in memory with custom names that make them easy to remember.

Picture Mode
The PT-AE2000 has seven preset picture modes, making it easy for you to enjoy optimal viewing quality from a variety of image sources. Choose whichever mode provides the picture characteristics best suited to the source material.

Cinema 1 * A soft, smooth picture ideal for movies. Created under the supervision of Hollywood specialists.
Cinema 2 * Emphasizes deeper, richer colors. Suitable for classic movies.
Cinema 3 * Designed for clear, sharp reproduction of dynamic scenes. Suitable for action films, cartoons and animation.
Color 1 * A setting that supports the 6,500K color temperature recommended in the HDTV standard (ITU-R BT.709)
Color 2 * A setting that supports the 6,300K color temperature recommended in the Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) standard. Recommended for professional use.
Normal A general setting suitable for use with most image sources.
Dynamic Specially designed for when you're viewing in a brightly lit room.
* (PCF): With Pure Color Filter Pro on.

Easy Maintenance
For easier maintenance, you can replace the filter from the side and the lamp from the top. The dust filter and lamp are easily replaced even after the PT-AE2000 is installed on the ceiling.

On-Screen Input Guidance
A graphic display on the screen shows which terminals have been selected for sources. An indicator blinks to alert you if you've selected a terminal that has no device connected to it.

Auto Input Search
When the projector is turned on, the input terminals are detected and an input signal is selected automatically. You can switch the system on/off.

Built-in Test Pattern
Two test patterns are built-in for quick and easy adjustment of zooming and focusing.

Quiet Operation: 22db
We reduced fan noise all the way down to 22 dB (in lamp Eco-Mode) by improving the efficiency of the cooling system. The PT-AE2000's whisper-quiet operation means there's nothing to keep you from enjoying all the beauty of the large-screen HD images.

Normal/ECO-Mode Lamp Power Selection

You can adjust the power of the lamp to save on electricity, prolong the lamp life and reduce the noise.

NORMAL : When higher luminance is required such as movies
ECO - MODE : When lower luminance is sufficient such as in a small room

Ecology-Conscious Design
Panasonic strives to minimize environmental impact caused by its products through careful consideration of design, production, delivery, process and product life cycle. The PT-AE2000 reflects the following ecological considerations.

Lead-free solder is used to mount components on the printed circuit boards.
No halogenated flame retardants are used in the cabinet.
No polystyrene foam is used in the packing materials.
Lead-free glass is used for the lens.
The packing case and operating manual are made from recycled paper.
Lamp power switching further reduces power consumption.
Standby power consumption is a mere 0.08 watts in the standby mode.
EMAGDNIM's Avatar EMAGDNIM 10:02 AM 10-23-2007
Originally Posted by Wet1 View Post

Agreed, if it's cheap enough I might buy two.

Originally Posted by Aldyrin View Post

Any chance of a power-buy on this guy? I think a few people might be interested

If that's the case then I'm in for sure. Who do we have to get in contact with to get this going?
Wet1's Avatar Wet1 10:04 AM 10-23-2007
Originally Posted by EMAGDNIM View Post

If that's the case then I'm in for sure. Who do we have to get in contact with to get this going?

Jason would be a damn good start.
Brajesh's Avatar Brajesh 10:23 AM 10-23-2007
Great price. Weighing this vs. the Optoma HD80. I went DLP after owning two LCD PJs & prefer them for better blacks & sealed optics among other things. But, the Panny AE2000U looks great for the price.
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