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I have just received a replacement RS1, the previous projector had problems with the hdmi inputs, they didn't work. Well the hdmi works on this projector but the fan is very loud. The fan on my first RS1 was barely audible form a couple of feet away, but with this new one I can hear it from about 15-20 feet. I checked everything to make sure that I was not in high lamp mode or high altitude mode. And the sound is not just air, it almost sounds like you can hear the gears spinning. Is there any fix that will not void the warranty or require me sticking it in a hush box?
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Maybe it was just (bad) luck of the draw. I can hear mine from 20ft away easily. Between it and the PS3 it's like stereo fan noise.

There was a big discussion on this back in this thread:
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Like the MC on these JVC units (and bright corners), it appears some units are good and others are pretty bad. It seems to be hit or miss. I haven't heard of any fix.

FWIW, my RS1 wasn't very loud (although it did have bad MC), but I've heard two others that were loud. I got luck on my PS3 as well as it's barely audible.
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My RS1 wasn't loud at all, whisper quiet (romanesque has it now). My PS3 is about as loud as my XBOX360, which is crazy loud. =D

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Speters has provided the first definitive "one set of ears, two machines" proof of the high degree of unit to unit variability in RS-1 audible noise that we have long suspected. I have posted extensively on this and started one or two related threads, including the one wildfire99 referred to. The issue is pretty frustrating; the sound is readily apparent during quiet passages. It has been rumored to be improved in the RS-2, and if so, an owner swap out of components might provide an solution. I also agree that the noise is not moving air but a case vibration. It's not clear if the culprit is imbalance or inadequate isolation in the main fan or the squirrel cage optics fan. It is my one objection to the RS-1.

Complain like mad and see what they will do.

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They should offer to correct it on a new machine or any machine still under warranty. I chuckle when I hear people claim the RS1 has really loud fan noise. I can't hear mine from 2 to 3 feet away. Like others have said it sounds like some units shouldn't have passed QC and been sent out to market but the pressure was on to fill early demand I suppose. A properly functioning RS1 should be every bit as quiet as a Pearl, if not make them fix it.
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I'm on my 2nd RS1, and both the returned one and the new one has unacceptable fan noise. I have two separate and distinct fan noises. The "air-flow" noise I'm hearing is quite loud (in High mode) and this may be normal for the RS1 but I’m guessing is above the 27db advertised (since I can hear it from >15’ away). The other noise I'm hearing (on both units) is a high pitch metallic sound originating from the fan vent area. This may be the same vibration noise that Kevin has isolated. The noise is so annoying that I have to turn the volume up considerably to overcome it. In quite passages it is unbearable! My sitting position is actually 2’ behind the front of the projector, approximately 3’ to the left. The projector is mounted about 3.5” from a 9’ ceiling.

I’m not sure what step to take next. This is obviously a design flaw. I’m in process of designing an acoustical absorption box to surround the unit but air flow and cooling is a major obstacle in doing this. I’m also ordering sound absorption material for the drywall ceiling above the unit since it is mounted only 3.5” from the ceiling and I’m sure some of the noise is bouncing off of the ceiling.

I’m very disappointed in the noise from this unit, but happy with everything else. Has anyone actually talked to JVC about this issue? Does the RS2 use the same fan? If the RS2 fan is quieter, can it be put into the RS1?

This is a ridiculous problem to have for a +$5K projector.
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