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Ktulu_1's Avatar Ktulu_1 03:24 PM 10-25-2008
Post some pictures of your antenna tower/mast if you have them. All towers are welcome but I'm a little more interested in the DYI towers, masts, whatever you got going on that gets your antenna off the ground. Not really interested in antennas that are mounted on your roof, chimney, etc. but who am I to discriminate. The more the merrier.

Why do I ask? I'm in a bit of a dilemma with the antenna on our property in a somewhat remote part of Michigan. You can read more about it in this thread. The short version is... I think I need to get my antenna, that is about 8' AGL, to 18', 28' or higher. Seeing your towers might help me to come up with a nice sturdy, free standing, mast. If it doesn't at least we'll all get to see your setups. Very exciting!!!

dr1394's Avatar dr1394 03:56 AM 10-26-2008

Only a real tower will allow you to be "free-standing". The pics show my approx. 45 foot free-standing Rohn 25 tower. The bottom section is buried in about 4 feet of reinforced concrete, which is sufficient for the clay (read rock hard) soil here in Silicon Valley. For Michigan, you want to be well below the frost line.

The antenna is a 50 MHz amateur radio yagi. 30 foot boom length.

JBLsound4645's Avatar JBLsound4645 04:21 AM 10-26-2008
LOL what is radio amateurs or CB radio hour LOL?

I haven’t been on the CB radio since I went 10-7 around 1986-87? This doesn’t look like HD TV it looks more like amateur radio masts towers LOL.

It even has rotator! I used to have three-element directional beam for use on the (single side bands) with ¼ wave antenna mounted in the centre of the beam as the pole passed though the (U bolts) and the coaxial able had enough slack to turn the beam around one way and the other without the cable getting twisted up for the ¼ wave aerial.

Max power I used was only small 250watts but it got me all the way to the Falkland Islands with Cobra 148 GTL-DX with modification standard low mid and high with mod for double high and triple high band that took me partly into the 28MHz band LOL. Oh those where the days of whose got the furthest distance who’s got the highest antenna or located on the highest peak in the Dorset area with the highest mounted antenna.

I had the second highest antenna my first a GPA ½ wave on (3rd Avenue) Holdenhurst Road Bournemouth, my best friend was pissed off because I had the highest over him LOL and I could go (OTT) over the top, on him LOL.

I actually even blew a TV set-up my dad’s friend and neighbour who lived four doors along from us. I had a slightly dodgy coaxial PL? Can’t remember the name of the screw on plug? Anyway no matter the centre core was loss the solder had come undone and what was happening was.

Each time I keyed up I would notice the Hitachi monaural VCR with Dolby NR and the 26” Bush colour TV. I would see the video machine going in (visual fast-play mode)? I stopped transmitting looked for the remote and pressed visual fast-play mode while at the same time I keyed up the base-mic and the VCR went at triple speed LOL!!

Now this wasn’t right something was seriously wrong hare? A few moments later the TV went off! I mean it went off!! Oh, my god what have I done now!!??

I turned the TV off as the switched pushed in for OFF and outwards for ON! I tried it and it came back on was puzzled I mean this was bad (TVI) Television interference I was causing here!

It wasn’t till the day after that I heard some footsteps coming up the stairs as my dads friend only needs to walk around the back of the house and knock on the door and enter. I thought it was my dad. In fact it was my dad’s friend and he was RED FACED!!!!!

I he was swearing telling me I have blown his TV set-up! LOL I was kinder shocked because he was going to tell my dad and after which, I had the Cobra the snake locked-up in the safe for week or two before all the heat died down.

It wasn’t till I got back on the CB, I checked the cable and no wonder, I was giving bad (TVI) I re-soldered cable and cheeked all though the bands low mid and high. This was my first Cobra I’ve owned two snakes while I was on the CB radio since late 1980 till around wintertime 1986-87 I think? Anyhow I checked my (SWR) because when all this was happening I had few bands that was slightly close to the (red) and that’s bad.
JBLsound4645's Avatar JBLsound4645 05:16 AM 10-26-2008
I've had mast before that was used when me and my dad moved home and I was living with my new step mom. She opposed against the mast standing 30 feet tall and on top of that I had frigging Comtell 444 it was copy of Avanti Sigma IV and that alone stood 30 feet in length LOL she wasn't happy about it at all LOL.

Yeah and what more that's funny the damn thing got blown over in some heavy wind I first noticed the coaxial moving then it started to pull the Cobra before I grabbed the cable and unscrewed it and went outside it was piss down and pretty blustery outside! I had to lift the mast back up and I'm small guy I battled the elements of the wind managed to get it back up. I tired it up and checked the cable and went back in-doors. This was like around 10pm or close to midnight and everyone else in the house was asleep except me LOL.

I found this picture of the original Avanti Sigma IV the copy version I'm not sure of the spelling of it and it was only copy that cost me no more than £40.00 pounds.

I think one of my best one that I had was the Avanti astro plane that I brought off an old friend as he was moving home and had just got his radio amateur licence. I stuck this on short length pole that had lager base platform that was positioned in the centre of the house on a flat part of the roof and it didn't get blown down once with some of the mild winds, not once!

One of the other CB antennas I owned I rather liked this one personally but in the storm of (1983) when I sold my directional beam with the ¼ wave or rather it was trade two for one! The guy forget to take down the rotator he didn't need one as he had one already.

Anyway the strain of the wind blowing against the high gain CLR2 only weakened the bracket that holds around the pole on the chimney beast came undone and the frigging CLR2 went a$$ over t!t it was handing by only the coaxial cable and it was angled at 45° angle! Pointing towards the street if this would have come undone it during the daytime it would have killed someone damn! It was weeks before my dad went on the roof to undone it and brought it down. A sort while later I sold it on the CB it was still in surprisingly good Nick, after the beating it had with gales close to 100 miles per hour.

arxaw's Avatar arxaw 07:57 AM 10-26-2008
CM 4228 antenna + CM 7777 preamp + rat shack rotor.
The house looks low to the ground because it's an earth-berm house with a conventional roof. Built like a walk-out basement without an upstairs. All the windows are on the "walk out" side, and face south to catch the winter sun. Very easy to heat/cool.

A rooftop antenna was too low for good TV reception from the TV stations ~70+ miles away, hence the tower.

Since the pic was taken, I have removed the screen on the CM4228 antenna, to make the antenna bi-directional for reception of two markets 180° from each other without using the rotor. The dish is (was) Wildblue internet, and is no longer on the tower, either.
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