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WaveBoy's Avatar WaveBoy 09:06 PM 06-20-2013
Aside from Component not being able to produce 1080p, i always thought HDMI delivered a crisper/clearer picture, brighter image and pumped out more vibrant and richer colors?.... Bluray movies & PS3 games(including the PS3 menu) are brighter, the colors are far superior, saturated , rich and colorful VS using a component connection on my Wii... What's the deal? Is this just because HD/Bluray movies/games have superior quality in general(great HD color gamut?), or does this have to do with the HDMI cable?

holl_ands's Avatar holl_ands 09:47 PM 06-20-2013
Could be the HDTV's Video Picture settings are different for the two interfaces....could be the C-V design is "calibrated" differently at the source and/or HDTV....could be the freq response roll-off in the C-V cables and driver/receivers is slightly blurring the digital "mosquito noise" and other defects that are more visible & hence annoying on HDMI I/F....could be the 1080i deinterleaving and motion adaptive algorithms were written by different nauseum.....
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