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mickyd28's Avatar mickyd28 09:38 AM 05-12-2011
I'm currently in an apartment so can't retro in literally anything, but am in the market for a home and already have big plans for gear everywhere. i am wondering, if it comes down to it, which hdmi baluns to get to distribute long distances throughout the house. i currently work as a custom home installer and we use the binary by snapAV baluns. which i'm going to let you know can be a pain in the lower back. i've been looking around online and found some by niles, a notable company in my eyes, that come attatched on a wall plate with a female hdmi out. i'm having trouble believing they would work without an external power supply at least on one end. and my real question is can they transmit IR. i'm on a fairly tight budget and would really like to be able to run 1080p and IR from a rack or preferably closet elsewhere in the house to all the television sets. any input on a reasonably priced baluns? and just to future proof, can you run 4K over the cat5 or maybe cat6?

Ratman's Avatar Ratman 11:58 AM 05-12-2011
What's "reasonably priced"? IMO, if cost is a consideration/constraint, you may want to look for alternatives.

A custom home installer should be able to come up with a few ideas.
Colm's Avatar Colm 10:51 PM 05-12-2011
You might get more responses if you move this post to the HDMI forum.
Ken H's Avatar Ken H 07:48 PM 05-13-2011
Most any that are powered are fine.
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