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03-04-2012 | Posts: 64
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Most of my neighbors have migrated to FiOS (from Xfinity) but whenever I asked them if they'd noticed a noticeable improvement on PQ since the change, none of them gave me an affirmative yes. They usually tout FiOS' faster (and more reliable) Internet DL/UL speeds instead - which I couldn't care less. All that I care is HD PQ, not even program guide navigation or channel lineups, just HD PQ (2D & 3D).

Comcast just delivered to me the latest Motorola RNG200N (DCX3501-M) that up-converts and outputs HD channels in 1080p. I have a Sharp 70" 3D (LC-70LE735U) and view from only 10'8" distance.

From what I gathered so far, there seems to be some downsides (non-PQ related) to FiOS' equipment power usage:

1) Certain FiOS set-top boxes seem to use more power than Comcast's. My RNG200N consumes 28W maximally. What power rating does the most efficient FiOS counterpart have?
2) The FiOS optical to coaxial converter also consumes power, Comcast does this conversion in a remote node. What's the power rating on such converter?
3) FiOS' monthly service fees seem to be considerably higher too according to my neighbors although that depends on a lot of factors like premium channel packages, double- or triple-tier bundles, etc...

So if FiOS PQ is not that much better than Xfinity (or if at all), I don't think it's worth the extra running cost. What do you guys (for those who own both FiOS & Xfinity) think?

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I switched from Comcast to FiOS over two years ago and saw noticeable improvements in PQ - I assume from less compression.

Regarding your questions.

1) I don't know
2) You are talking about the ONT. It will vary with the model but I think it is in the 10-20 watt range. Higher mode when charging the backup battery.
3) My bill went down rather significantly - triple play with all movie channels.
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03-04-2012 | Posts: 1,068
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Also, meant to say that having your own ONT means no shared bandwidth for internet upload and VOD. Both were important to me because on Comcast, congestion was causing severe problems for VOD.
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Anymore input on this? They just installed the Fios lines last week, so I imagine we will be offered Fios very soon. I like my Comcast, it has come along way in the last year or so. So my decision will be to stay with Comcast or jump on Verizon.
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