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ShootingStarsVid's Avatar ShootingStarsVid 04:12 PM 03-05-2012
I've got a client that wants to use GoToMeeting for their corporate training. I will be using a BlackMagic ATEM 1 to switch multiple sources, including a Canon XL-H1 (so I have to switch at 1080i/59.94). Since the switcher does not scale inputs and has to output at the same resolution, I am stuck with it. GoToMeeting on the other hand will only see video at 720p/50 on my DeckLink Studio Card (It gives me a pulldown to choose input resolution but will only pass video at 720p/50) - aggravating! (and Tech support was clueless)

Is there a cheap way to convert 59.94 to 50?

(I do own a down scaler that will get me to 720, but still at 59.94)

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