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I decided to purchase an antenna in order to receive free HD broadcasts.

The main channel I am attempting to get on my TV is the WPIX Channel 11 Channel. The report says it is 15 miles away @ 276 degrees.

I was originally using a GoMohu Indoor antenna which was able to receive the broadcast on this channel but fuzzy. So I returned it and bought a RCA ANT751R.

Now this next part MAY seem silly but maybe not. Before I go up on the roof (which I am trying to avoid renting tenant possible landlord issues)

I have this antenna above my door so it is about 8.5 - 9 feet off the ground. I have it pointing in the general direction of the TV station and moved it around to try a few different angles. I cannot get this one channel and it is driving me nuts!

I understand this is an outdoor antenna, but shouldn't this with an extended range of 40 miles be able to pick up a TV station that is 15 miles away?

Also what I do when I search for channels... I put my TV on air mode, and do a search on that with Air TV. Is this the way it is supposed to be done for both VHF and UHF channels? I am assuming the Antenna scans for both automatically.

I live in a suburban area so nothing is blocking my immediate path.

Thanks for any help / advice.

I cannot post my TVFool results, I need 3 posts however my zip code is 11001. Thanks
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If you post your TVFool link, we can figure out the truncated link.

Setting the TV channel menu to "Air" is correct. It should scan for all available channels, both VHF & UHF.

What is your building made of? Is the antenna near a wall facing the transmitters (preferably near a window)? VHF is often harder to receive indoors than UHF. Another problem with VHF is it is more prone to electrical interference from all sorts of stuff inside your house.
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PIX11 is VHF11. Anytime you use an indoor antenna, or even an outdoor antenna using it indoors, to pick up VHF its very difficult. You need to put the antenna outside with some height, aim towards the Empire State Bldg.
I am a couple of miles east of you, and I remember when I was first fooling around with OTA a couple of years ago, PIX11 always gave me problems.
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VHF is also often prone to interference from strong nearby FM radio stations. Adding an FM trap sometimes helps. Not always, but worth trying.
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I strongly suspect it is a multipath issue. WPIX's signal is reflecting off a building or buildings in such a way that at your location the multipath signal is significant. The amount of interference is frequency dependent so that is why WPIX only has the problem. Your antenna does not discriminate against the multipath signal.

You may need a more directional antenna but those antennas are not suitable for indoor use. One possible solution is to use the two-antenna trick found at:

Instead of using the Silver Sensor as specified, use two Mohu Leaf antennas. You should be able to receive WPIX11 since you are very close to the transmitter.
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Please add a location to all antenna help threads. See my edit.

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You may be getting too much attenuator might help.

You might be getting overload from nearby FM FM Trap designed to lower the entire (88-108) FM band might help. Note that some only attenuate about 95-108, which let's some channels still sneak thru and cause problems).

You might just have too darned much interference from other devices in your home. That happens a lot....getting the antenna to a spot where it can "see" the transmitters through a window can help, or just going outside with it.
Many digital devices, even the TV set itself, can interfere indoors. Switched-mode power supplies (those "universal voltage: 100/220 V, 50/60 Hz" ones) that are used on most phones, pagers, etc can interfere. DVR's often put out noise on upper-VHF channels, and so do some Cable boxes and satellite receivers. Computers, too.

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