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zinimusprime's Avatar zinimusprime 12:56 PM 08-21-2012
New to the forums, looks like there's a lot of people that know what they're talking about [hopefully].

I've got a 70 in Sharp LED LCD and I'm getting what I believe is macroblocking, but it isn't happening on the entrire image. It's only happening in locations of distinct image differences (i.e. moving from a dark area to a whiter area). I only noticed it when I played Skyrim on 360, but I thought it was just the game being buggy. Yesterday I rented a movie on FiOS with some fast action and it was happening there too. I don't notice it on sports though. It's not pixelation; I know that much.

I don't know if it's getting worse or I just started paying attention to it.

My Setup:
TV is above
FiOS cable on one of the black box (don't know the model) hooked up to the TV via HDMI (don't remember the specs on the cable)
Xbox360 is running through component cables (stock) through a Denon AVR 1712 (I'll have to double check the model) with monster cable components running to the TV.

I'm pretty sure that no matter what I'm viewing the highest signal I've a 1080i (displayed for several seconds after powering on and input change).

I figure since it's happening from both sources I can rule out any cable wiring concerns prior to the box, though I don't think I can rule out that both connections are inadequate. I'm not a well versed videophile, but I'm not an idiot amatuer. Just looking for some help.

I'll try to snap some pictures and post them so you can see what I'm talking about. Thanks for the help in advance!

BCF68's Avatar BCF68 01:38 PM 08-21-2012
Originally Posted by zinimusprime View Post

I'm not a well versed videophile, but I'm not an idiot amatuer. !

Yet you bought Monster cables.
zinimusprime's Avatar zinimusprime 02:41 PM 08-21-2012
I used to work at Best Buy and I got them for nothing with the discount.
BCF68's Avatar BCF68 03:43 PM 08-21-2012
Originally Posted by zinimusprime View Post

I used to work at Best Buy and I got them for nothing with the discount.

Well then you got them at the appropriate price.
zinimusprime's Avatar zinimusprime 04:21 PM 08-21-2012

Any advice?
ctdish's Avatar ctdish 09:08 PM 08-21-2012
The blocking you are seeing is most likely coming from the compression used at the source. In the case of FIOS, the company wants to reduce the bandwidth to keep costs down and profits up. They may give regular channels more bandwidth since everyone gets the same signal. There is not much you can do except watch blueray movies. They should give a nearly perfect picture.
zinimusprime's Avatar zinimusprime 08:18 AM 08-22-2012
Thanks ctdish!

Problem with that theory is that it's happening with my Xbox 360 too. I am using component cables and running the Xbox through my receiver though. The tv displays the signal when using the Xbox and it says I'm getting a 1080i signal. If I switch to 1080p, can I expect to see it improve reasonably? The cable is connected via hdmi (no idea of the specs).
ctdish's Avatar ctdish 09:11 AM 08-22-2012
I don't use an Xbox but I would not be surprised if there are some compromises are in picture quality in order to get high speed complex action to fit within the available processing capability. Keep in mind your 70 inch TV will show even the smallest imperfections that a smaller TV might tend to hide. Also note that the minimum viewing distance for that size TV is around 8.5 feet. See
sneals2000's Avatar sneals2000 03:49 PM 08-22-2012
What is your sharpness setting at? Sharpness processing artificially 'crispens' an image, often by adding black/white edges to high-contrast image transitions. This can emphasise any sub-par scaling in source material, as well as noise.

I always adjust the sharpness to minimum (or 0 - some TVs minimum setting is actually softening an image rather than leaving it alone) when I buy/install.

(Also look at any digital processing you may have and see if disabling it changes the results. My Sony TV did horrible things to the contrast on black and white credits with one processing function enabled - so bad I thought it was a transmission fault...)
zinimusprime's Avatar zinimusprime 09:47 AM 08-25-2012

I checked my sharpness and it was all the way up. I put it to 1 (scale goes from 10 to -10). Then I actually put the motion enhancement all the way and that did a lot to smooth it out. I'm also going to try clearing out the cache on my Xbox, because it is worse on my Xbox.

I'll post how that turns out. Thanks for all the help!
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